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exam board

Discussion in 'Geography' started by sadsoul, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. sadsoul

    sadsoul New commenter

    We are currently using WjEC spec B for our GCSE students. I am feeling slightly dispondent with the course and coursework.
    What examination board and spec would you recommend?

  2. Hi
    At our 'New to Edexcel B' courses this summer there were a few centres from WJEC B . They are both issues-based specs. Edexcel has one piece of controlled assessment (25%), a Decision Making Excercise based on a 6-month pre-release resource booklet (25%) and a physical (25%) and a human (25%) exam (the latter two exams have a compulsory core worth 32/50 marks on the paper and two options worth 18/50 marks on the paper.
  3. We are with WJEC spec B too and have found it very dissapointing! There is a lack of resources and online help, plus the text book isnt that good! We are looking to change to AQA as their resources and books are fantastic!

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