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Exactly how much did you eat/drink over Christmas?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by BelleDuJour, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Henriettawasp

    Henriettawasp New commenter

    Or stamp on them. Very hard.
    Works for me! [​IMG]
  2. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    ...or weigh yourself whilst dangling from a pulley....:-D
  3. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I have only just began on the Christmas eating really as the two main days are all but ruined for it by enormous dinners in the afternoon. Today i have managed some crisps, chocolates and cheese and crackers for lunch which is a fine start. Have lots of gorgeous sweets which cannot be given away as they are proper sweets like chocolate nuts and marzipan and ginger not those revolting Heroes or Quality Street type things. Also have a little Christmas cake which may not be started for a couple of weeks yet. Have just used up the last of the cream and chestnuts etc in a pasta sauce for tea. Still have lots of lovely cheese but me and OH will scoff that on new years Eve for a late 'on the sofa' tea with wine or port. I love this week once Boxing day is done with.
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    For the first time in fourteen years, we've had the full works. I've been feeling stuffed as a result, though mostly with the 'all the trimmings' bit since I don't eat the pudding, cake, mince pies or chocolates.
    What I want to know is, since when were vegetables fattening?

  5. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I've woken up this morning feeling full and that's it for me, apart from a NYE meal here. So - the pate is going out, the cream has had it and the cheeselets have hit the bin. Remaining savoury biscuits will come out tomorrow night and the mints and I'll need a little bit of cheese for a cheeseboard but I'm back on my version of Scarsdale ( at least until elevenses)
  6. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    I've had it all, and then some, but luckily been ill since boxing day, and there's nothing like a good purge to take that guilt away [​IMG]
  7. That makes you sound bulimic.
    Which I hope you aren't.
  8. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    lol not all all, just trying to see an upside to three ill days spent in bed trying to keep dry toast down. I'd have grabbed at anything and wouldn't recommend it, it wasn't nice. BUT now can fit into skinny jeans for NYE again, which i didn't stand a chance of on Xmas day [​IMG]
    First day back in work today and found some mince pies still in date, hurrah!
  9. Well, of course, more than ordinary. But aren't we all relying on the flogging schedule that awaits us to regulate ourselves again, where we ingest our dreary lunches at short intervals, and then back to the classroom with crumbs on our mouth to get back to center. These holiday flights of food fancy are fleeting and well deserved and our bodies (and minds) will find a crazy equilibrium soon enough. Routine incites more routine and still I'm enjoying the last bits of non-regulation of the season. Thank Christ for the loose tunics to wear in the first weeks back.
  10. Msz!
    What's up? Do tell us what happened to you during the holidays? Do you need some support??
    I'm worried about you

  11. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Yes, she does. Often chocolate fudge, or coffee and walnut, or white chocolate or sometimes homemade shortbread. And you know what? She is on a diet and just watches us eat it!
  12. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    GASP!! She's a feeder!! Don't fall for it!!
  13. Glad to hear you feel well Dragonlady, but there's nothing like a good medical condition to
    concentrate the mind. Just been for my annual diabetes check - rotten time of the year to have
    one. Cholesterol up. Blood pressure up (and not even back to school yet!). So the diet and
    exercise regime starts here and now. Just chucked a nearly full box of choccy biccies in the bin
    and feel sadly empowered!!
  14. Aside from the usual huge dinner on Christmas day at my aunts (She is clinically obese and seems to want the rest of us to be the same!), Ive not been to any parties etc so havent eaten HUGE amounts but we have been eating" whatever we fancy" for lunches and dinners, so lots of sandwiches with packets of crisps, and some takeaways. Not so much 'quantity' but really fattening food. And lots of wine. I put on about 3lbs, but have already lost 1lb of that and I actually ENJOYED my lunchtime salad yesterday because my body had so obviously been craving veg!
  15. Christmas Day for me was quiet so I settled for smoked salmon for lunch; the real party began on Boxing Day with Veuve Cliquot to go with the turkey and a National Trust Christmas pudding for desert. Everything was in the right quantities so I felt great.
  16. I have just found a big box of chocolate covered Turkish Delight at the bottom of a presents bag I was just disposing of.
    Just when you think you've eaten it all...all the junk food. [​IMG] I shall donate it I think.
    I still have smoked salmon in the fridge to use up but I think it's lovely on brown bread, with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice, so that will be my dinner tonight!
  17. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    I managed to put on 3lbs over the holiday [​IMG]
  18. Snap - but I've managed to lose half of it already. I'm 17lbs lighter than this time last year so a much more positive start.
  19. Stop boasting!
  20. Turkish Delight is not junk food!

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