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Ex teachers - what do you do Now?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by dauralora, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Probably as there is still admin and crowd control, but, this time, for a reason!
  2. matevans

    matevans New commenter

    I was a police officer for 6 years before becoming a teacher. Much prefer teaching... although really wish I could go back to a clear 8 / 10 /12 hour day, rather than the open ended work till you drop nature of teaching.
  3. angel03

    angel03 New commenter

    This would be my dream job...its just hard to know where to start...
  4. fuzzycat

    fuzzycat New commenter

    I left 18 months ago. Worked for a while doing marketing then got made redundant. Now doing supply. Can’t get a job back in teaching as I’ve been out of it too long and was on UPS (therefore expensive), can’t get a job out of it as nobody will interview me with a largely teaching-focused CV. It’s pretty rubbish.
  5. September

    September New commenter

    Don't give up. Not sure what your subject is but I left teaching wo years ago and recently applied for an AH job and got an interview. There are schools out there that will consider you.
  6. Educ84Math

    Educ84Math New commenter

    Leave - I worked in secondary for 13 years. Gradually, I realised that jumping through hoops, preserving the reputation of the school (esp. by covering up or not talking about bad things), being screwed over by senior staff over teachers (and senior staff getting away with it because this is how it is deliberately structured - people who get paid more must be correct...) and all the myriad forms of hypocrisy, backbiting etc. convinced me to quit. I'm now a college lecturer and my work life is a dream compared to school. Almost no stress - imagine that ! I look forward to going into work every day, because I know staff just get on with doing their jobs, nobody spies on you (because they trust you) and I don't need to take work home with me (plenty of non-contact time during the work day).
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  7. Billie73

    Billie73 Occasional commenter

    I left and then went back. It’s not easy getting the same pay outside of teaching and although I enjoyed my job I had to have several extra jobs to keep things ticking over. At one point I had 4. I also worked 12 hours a day 5 days a week so it’s not all roses. I don’t regret doing it at all, though.

    Anyway I ended up doing supply (I’ll never teach again!) then got taken on permanently (I only ever want to be a class teacher!) then promoted to middle leadership (obviously I’m now officially evil...). Taking a break is good but a change can be just as worthwhile.

    Edit: I only work directed time. Take a full one hour lunch break and never miss out on PPA.
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