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Ex-2ndry / SEN Teacher (left in 2010) career options/advice.

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by m56phil, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. m56phil

    m56phil New commenter

    Hello everyone, this is my first posting on this forum. I am former teacher who left the profession in 2010. Reason being is mainly down to the recession and cutbacks. I am 2ndry trained but also done a lot of SEN and worked a bit in primary also. I worked a 50/50 mix of supply and local authority contracts.

    Currently I work in Autistic adult social care, I do enjoy it but the pay isn't great and there is very little scope to develop. I have reached a stage where I want to move on. I would consider possibly going back teaching but would prefer possibly part time and maybe primary/SEN. Secondary is ok, but to be honest the behaviour (after 8 years) was getting me down abit.

    Basically, are there any barriers to me returning to teaching?

    What about a primary job?
    Could I consider working as a HLTA as a "restart"???
    What other career options are available???

    I have been looking at other jobs (in teaching and even social care) but so MANY are temporary, not-pensionable etc..

    Would be very grateful if people could give me some advice or hints and tips etc.

    Many thanks PHIL :)
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Hullo there Phil, and welcome to our forum.

    A couple of questions first:

    What was your subject when teaching secondary?
    Do you have any SEN qualifications?
    Whereabouts in the country are you?

    These will have an impact on your career direction.

    Best wishes

  3. m56phil

    m56phil New commenter

    Hi Theo, many thanks for your quick response. Ok, my secondary subject was Geography which I did at mostly Ks3-Ks4. I also did a lot of KS3 in other subjects namely History, Maths, biology and French. I do not have any SEN qualifications per se. However, I do have a lot of experience, though to be honest would like to avoid EBD stuff as 'been there- done that' to be honest.

    I live in the north west of England. Chester area....any tips or advice would be useful. Many thanks! :)
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    My first comment is that NW has been a difficult area for Primary posts . . . And part-time posts are in general like gold dust, as they tend to come up when a FT teacher returns from maternity, and often go to the supply teacher that the school knows who has been angling for that.

    All perfectly legal, by the way - a school is not legally obliged to advertise if they have a known suitable candidate.

    You are not going to be very pleased with my tips and comments . . . because they are not going to solve your problem, I'm afraid.

    You have been out of teaching for 5 years. You are not currently going to be very unemployable unless you apply to secondary schools in the run-down areas of Liverpool who get few applicants for teaching posts. There your timetable flexibility would be welcomed too.

    Your flexible timetable however is not unfortunately heavily maths-science based, which would make it easier to gain employment despite the big gap. But Geography is a Ebacc subject, so that is useful.

    You need recent references and recent experience. You seem currently to have NO Primary experience . . . and no recent Secondary experience. The only way to get either recent Secondary or any Primary experience is by supply teaching, which is not going to give you a guaranteed income.

    Your best hope might be to hang on and see if the Govt responds to the Teacher Shortage Crisis (is there one or isn't there one?) by re-establishing the Return to Teaching courses.

    Read their current Return to Teaching information, it may be helpful.

    And have you considered . . . independent Prep schools? Teaching the 8-13 year olds?

    An overview of the Independent sector

    Independent Sector FAQs

    But getting relevant recent experience is going to be important there too . . .

    Hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes


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