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EWCM question

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by toeinwater, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I was just thinking, if EWCM is the right cm for sperm to travel in, but sperm can survive 5 days, surely the fifth day before ov wouldn't necessarily provide the right cm conditions for it to travel in in the first place. Am I talking nonsense here? Ok, so personally I probably get ewcm for about 3 days in a month around ov time; does that mean the sperm can only get to the right place whilst I've got ewcm anyway, so dtd (for ttc purposes) is pointless 4/5 days pre ov?
    Just one of many wonderments along the ttc road!
  2. Hello,
    Sorry to jump on your post without being able to answer, but I am hoping that if an EWCM guru comes on here, they may be able to answer 2 posts at once! We have been trying for 8 months, and I seem to only get EWCM very late on (about 5 days before AF due) Does this mean it will automatically be harder to get pregnant? According to OV sticks, I do OV at around 16 days??? It is all so confusing and takes up a lot of my thoughts!
    Any gurus out there...your thoughts are very much appreciated!
  3. Definitely wouldn't call myself a guru and, as I'm on my 15 month of ttc, I'm probably not the best person to hand out advice, but here goes:
    I'm one of those people that doesn't produce ANY ewcm. In fact, in 15 months, I'vwe only ever noticed it twice! The second time was this cycle and here's what I did:
    I drank lots more water (I usually go an entire day on 3/4 cups of tea and a small glass of juice at dinner). I now take a bottle to work and sip throughout the day and fill it up when I get home.
    I ate jelly up to OV (apparently it's meant to help!)
    I started to take the pregnacare original plus omega 3 tablets (also, ov was the last weekend/first day back after half term, so I was stress-free).
    After doing all this I noticed an increase in ewcm about 3/4 days before OV. I was also very horny (much to OH's delight) [​IMG].
    I don't know if it's worked, as I'm still on 2ww, but I definitely noticed a change.
    Sorry if this isn't helpful.
  4. I am probably not going to be too helpful with my post here but it may be reassuring. I hardly noticed any EWCM and when I did it wasn't always at the time I would expect (ie around ov, I knew when I ov as used the digital sticks) but yet I got pregnant! [​IMG]
    So, I think for some women it is not always that noticeable. It was a cause of worry for me when I was ttc, but it may not actually be an issue. It remember being convinced that there must be something wrong as did not get EWCM and that month I got my BFP!
    Good luck ladies.
  5. Thanks for your responses. I too drink barely anything, so it is something that I am really trying hard to change. Thanks also for your reassurance -a BFP with no EWCM is possible and I'm pleased about that! Now...off to make a drink!

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