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evidence of progress in maths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by milliebear1, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Regular test results? APP?
    It would be pointless looking in my books as most of my children consistently 'listen, learn, work independently, get everything right'!
    I test them every half term though, so would hope that the results show consistent improvement.
  2. Do your books reflect the learning journey? Can someone track progress through the books- is there a variety of different tasks which show that all children are challenged and make progress? Is there evidence of differentiation in their books? Do your HA tackle tasks which are differentiated by task and support as well as outcome? Are you targetting different skills like reasoning with your HA? What use of AFL do you make? How do the children use it? Do they know next steps? Are they given opportunities to choose the materials and method to solve problems?

    Is there enough challenge for these children? If they get everything right then is that ideal? Do you create a climate where children can make mistakes, learn from them and aren't afraid to experiment, hypothesise , predict etc
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Same for me and a problem with one or two members of SLT who want to look in books. We also have very little work in books.

    Thankfully I now have these, early in the year was harder.
  4. Chezz

    Chezz New commenter

    We use to have this problem too in my school as we do quite a bit of group work, open investigations where the children record on whiteboards, sugar paper etc. On these occasions we take photos - groups working together, investigations recorded on paper etc. I use these for class displays and/or get the children to stick a photo into their books along with the LI and AFL.
    This seems to have worked and we no longer get hassle about the amount of evidence in books. We were also advised to have the LI written with a brief self reflective comment. - e.g. I found this activity difficult/ easy/enjoyable etc because... or today I found out that...
    I'm not convinced that it evidence of progress, more 'stuff in books' as a previous post has already mentioned - but seems to satisfy the powers that be!
  5. Same for me - we are supposed to have written evidence in books for every lesson in every subject. I started off taking photos and sticking them in with the L/O, but was told that the children need to provide evidence, so now we stick in photos with the L/O and the children write a quick sentence. Complete and utter waste of time, but the HT is happy that this is good evidence of learning and progress.


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