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Evidence from observations

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by terri1972, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    I need some help about observations please. I have met some standards at a high grade in my last few observations, and want to know if I can use them to show I have met all the standards in that obs or if I am limited.
    There are some people saying that you can only use an observation to show 5 q standards. And I seem to think I've heard this somewhere. I have looked all through the paperwork and I can't find an answer. What are you guys doing?
    Thanks for your help
  2. I haven't heard that myself, although we obviously can't use one lesson observation to tick off too many standards. It's best to use the ones that have been picked out as your key strengths, rather than trying to cram too many in. If you get towards the end of the year and need to reinforce some of the standards, ask your mentor to do some focussed observations of those.

    Hope this helps :D
  3. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Thanks Dr J
    It's just that I have a few observations where I have some really good grades for up to 15 standards. It seems a shame that I have to pick a few and have to discard the rest!
    It's all so confusing!!
    Thankyou for your advice Terri
  4. This thread just shows how much GTP providers differ. When I have a lesson observation/ other piece of evidence I can only use it to evidence at most 3 standards but I prefer to use it in only 2 so that you use a variety of different observations and evidence. If we used 1 observation for 15 standards then 4 observations job done. You need to show progression and variety so some evidence will come from satisfactory observations but will demonstrate you have met your targets. You need to demonstarte that you have a range of evidence not just observations but lesson plans, reflections, training, visits to other schools, inset, staff meetings, the list goes on.
    I agree, get yourself some focussed observations just concentrating on the standards that you want to hit. if you are having an observation every week then you should easily do it.
    As for hitting Q33 Sam why not ask your mentor or another colleague to do some team teaching with you or surely someone will lend you a TA for a couple of lessons!

  5. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    I've asked our technician to do some filming as evidence which I can use for teacher assessment during the next half term, I'm booking him for some of my observations so I can hit that one- there isn't really anyone available for team teaching within my subject so I think this will get me around it.
    It is silly how it all differs, but like you, I'd actually rather my evidence portfolio shows a variety of observations and that I can hit my standards in a variety of different ways. Out of interest, what evidence can you count as 'graded'? I can only count lesson observations and the assignments, the rest has to be 'ungraded'.

  6. Again Sam this shows how it differs I don't even know what you mean by graded and ungraded evidence. We do assignments but they are not 'marked' as such, they just have to have a comment on them from the mentor. Graded evidence has never been mentioned to us, we just have to have a variety of plans, obs etc. I did once mention to my professional tutor that GTP ought to have more consistency across the providers and he looked at me as if I was mad. So we all blunder on wondering if we are doing the right thing. I have friends doing GTP with 2 other providers in the same area at the mo and we all do things completely differently. One of them is doing an on-line portfolio where she uploads all her evidence into an online file so she has no paper and files strewn all over the place like me.
    I like your idea of filming that's great. I'm lucky in that respect being in primary more often than not I have another adult in the room.
    Must get on with my assignment that I forgot about.

  7. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    Graded is given a grade, like an observation (Outstanding, Good etc.) and the other evidence is that which isn't graded.
    All my assignments are given a grade (as the obs) so we're told to aim to strategically put our evidence in the folder at the end so it's weighed more on the higher grades. The ideal portfolio for my provider is one where you'll have the Q standards you've hit to the highest standard from each assignment/observation as an outstanding, then anything that can't possibly be hit from those, will have to be ungraded. Just puts more pressure on if you ask me! I'm now trawling through all the specific standards I've ever met in any of my observations and asking myself if I can possibly hit it any better, rather than spending my time planning outstanding lessons, I'm planning how I can achieve certain Q's with a good or outstanding grade!
    It's silly that we're not all given the same hoops to jump through, it means that we're going to be totally different teachers at the end of it! I suppose that good in one way, but mental in the other!?!
    Good luck with the assignment, I've been procrastinating all day, but have finally got some done! Ha!
  8. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Hey Sam - how funny. I am at Newman as well, and have looked through all the paperwork and couldn't find a definitive answer!
    I am also having trouble with that standard as we never have a TA in our lessons! I too asked the ICT co-ordinator to do a lesson with me to get some evidence! I have spent quite a lot of time organising evidence and am now going to concentrate on hitting certain ones.
    Thanks everybody for your replies. On with finishing STT2 now...try and hit some more Q's!! Lol.
  9. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    I've just sent my STT2 off yesterday and I'm SOOOOOOO pleased I've done it, now to finalise prep for the next lengthy half term!
    terri- I've only had that confirmed by my tutor, not through any paperwork as I was trying to find out. Please get it confirmed with your tutor to check that I'm not going barmy (and it's entirely possilbe that I am) but it seems to be a fairly sensible way to me.
    Good luck!
  10. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Thanks Sam. I'm sure if you've gone barmy it's no more than the rest of us!! Lol
    Have to hand in STT2 and 3 on my first day back to lead school in 4 weeks, as well as having my termly review...oh what joy ;0)
    It does seem sensible, as previous poster said, I suppose if you get O's in about 15 standards in one go it wouldn't take long to meet standards!!
    Next 4 weeks will be tough with second school, obs, termly review, assignments to be in and maybe interview!!
    Oh well, on we go!
    Good luck to you and thanks for your help, and good luck to everyone else

  11. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    Good luck with the second school!
    I think we're all a bit barmy to be honest, if we weren't, we wouldn't be putting ourselves through this!?! Ha!
    Am trying to get STT3 out the way by the end of this term, then just the last 2 to go! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's a pinprick, but I'm sure it's there now!

  12. Hello Sam

    I sent you a message the other day. I am doing my Newman GTP this year and I am struggling with STT2. I wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing it with me so I can have a read to check I am on the right track??
  13. I have done STT3 if you want to do a STT swap??


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