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Eviction from Head's PM!

Discussion in 'Governors' started by samtheman, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Can a governor who has been a part of the HT's PM suddenly be asked to leave immediately with no reasons given?Urgent advice sought please!
  2. The person being asked to step down is the Chair of the PM committee! The Chair and Vice of Govs are also on this committee but are very much "in pocket" of the HT! The latest FGB correspondence has a different name in the place of the original Chair. I checked our Standing Orders and it clearly states
    " 3.1.1 The Governing body may at any time remove the Committee Chair from office "
    However as a member of the FGB I have not been approached either with any concerns re this person - who is not a Staff Member - or with a view to removing this person from the PM committee. I am concerend that the correct procedures may not be being followed and if this is the case am not sure how to proceed.
  3. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    As indicated in a previous post it is for the governing body to decide on the composition and removal of members of the HT PM. You mention correspondence, does one take this to be minutes of one of your FGB meetings? If it is it sounds as if a piece of business occurred and a decision was made. I would certainly expect that the member removed (whether correctly removed or not) should have had the reason for removal fully explained. If your colleague has not been removed by the FGB then they have been removed ultra vires. Do you not have more detail?
  4. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    samtheman - Item 4 below is pertinent

    The School Governance (Procedures) (England) Regulations 2003 2003 No. 1377 PART 4 Regulation 20

    Establishment of committees of the governing body

    20.?(1) The governing body must determine the constitution, membership and terms of reference of any committee it decides to establish and review them annually.

    (2) The quorum for any meeting of a committee shall be determined by that committee, but in any event shall be not less than three governors who are members of the committee.

    (3) A chair shall be appointed annually to each committee by the governing body or elected by the committee, as determined by the governing body.

    (4) The governing body may remove the chair to any committee from office at any time.
  5. So you are stating it is the <u>Governing Body</u> that can remove this person and not just the HT or the C of G or the VC? This is what is states in our Standing Orders also - this does not appear to have been observed! The HT, the C of G and the VC are running a 3 man show and not bringing items to the attention of all Govs - staff request for absence,etc ( I realise I would be asked to leave for any Personnel based matters.) I asked for leave of absence recently and KNOW this was not taken to FGB and am still awaiting a decision on it - I took the time off and was paid ( medical appt for family member)!
    As I stated, my concern is that the correct procedures are NOT being adhered to.
  6. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    Yes only your fgb can make a decision on the composition of committees unless the GB has delegated the power in some way which I doubt and your standing orders may cover this. It sounds as if your GB are not following procedures and you should say so.

    Where is your clerk on all this?
  7. The school clerk has been promoted to Administrator/Head's PA and is Clerk to the Govs - she in in the Head's pocket too ( this has been proven by inaccurate records of a meeting between myself and another colleague and the Union ).This person was also taking notes at a CP meeting which directly involved the HT , myself ( and other members of staff at various levels) and a rep from HR at LEA level) though on this occasion my version of events would appear to have been accurately minuted.
  8. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    It is regarded as improper these days for a clerk to be employed at a school and this is also the view of the NGA. If I were on your GB I would be seeking a new independent and transparent clerk. Sounds to me as if some of your practices are iffy.
  9. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    I don't think NGA go so far as to say it's "improper", more that it's not good practice.
  10. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    Perhaps improper sounds a bit heavy but I feel it is accurate for the way school's governing bodies should be clerked.

    An effective clerk is an invaluable resource for a governing body. Good clerking contributes to the effective governance and therefore school improvement. A clerk should in my view for total transparency and integrity be independent of the school.

    Clerking Matters, adequately summarises a clerk?s role:

    ?? a clerk?s first loyalty must be to the whole governing body ? not the LA,
    not the Diocese, not the Head teacher, not the Chair. The clerk should be the
    constitutional conscience of the governing body.?
  11. Can this person be removed form the FGB without a meeting involving all Govs? We have a Govs meeting this week. I am unable to attend as signed off work currently.Gov services and Unions now involved.
  12. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    Yes they can be, but it would depend on what type of governor they were, which has not been stated so far. If they were say an appointed LA governor, the LA have the power to remove. Elected governors could only be suspended for a period of 1 day to six months maximum. This can only be done by the FGB and to do so a motion to suspend must be issued at least 7 clear days (minimum 9 day day process - day one issue of motion, days 2-8 7 clear days, day 9 earliest date of motion meeting) to members.
  13. This person is an LA governor.
  14. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    As indicated previously in this thread it is only for the governing body to remove you from a committee. The head (even though they may think so) has no more pulling power than any other governor. You are all equal even though many members of governing bodies do not think so. I am not sure why CG would be involved in this matter. Are you suggesting that this has been engineered and if so would you know why. If the FGB stated that it was a condition of attending the various meetings etc and you did not then they (FGB) may wish to remove you from that committee.

    If it were to become more serious as you are a foundation governor, then you can only be removed from office by the person who appointed you. The person who appointed you must give written notice to the clerk to the governing body, and the governor in question, of the governor?s removal.

    The process for removal must be followed and can be found at:-


    Part 3 Constitution of Governing Bodies

    It should be read in conjunction with the 2003 Procedures legislation.

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