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Everybody's Free - Romeo + Juliet

Discussion in 'Music' started by DevonAtHeart, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I don't suppose anyone knows of a choral arrangement of this? It's an early 90's dance hit, but in Baz Lurhmann's film of Romeo + Juliet, a gospel choir sing a version of it when the couple are getting married. It's quite famous - the one that starts 'Brother and sister, together we'll make it through...'
    Anyway, was hoping to do it with my school choir, but can only seem to find the original dance version. If necessary, I'll write it out - it's not particularly taxing, but just thought I'd check before reinventing the wheel.
  2. Laura - a quick update:
    It turns out that the version in the Romeo and Juliet songbook has got the 4-part choir version, however it goes up to a top Bb for the sopranos - I think a little beyond some of my lot. Transposing it down has helped, although that makes it a bit grumbly at the other end! The kids seem to love it though, so that's something!

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