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Every year the primary teaching profession seems to get more depressed....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by SIRFRANK, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Something Ive noticed slowly but surely in the last 10 years, the joy has continued to ebb away as teachers have become more tired and depressed with the constant targets, paperwork, inspections, monitoring, dodgy SMT, awfully behaved kids, disempowerment, lack of professional trust from parents etc
    In short its not a happy profession anymore and rarely do I see teachers getting the same joy out of it as they used to. More of an tedious slog I would say
  2. A few years back, Boots Health & Beauty magazine (or whatever it's called) ran a feature on how their products can help people with very different lifestyles. One was a teacher working a 70 hour week. I wrote to the magazine suggesting that it might be more appropriate for them to lobby government about the education system than sell products designed to send people to sleep aat night and then wake them up again in the morning and help them cope with an unsustainble workload.
    But answer came there none. (Not a relevant one anyway).
  3. Quite simply...an idea that would cut our workloads, how about let us get on with it and trust our judgements? as half our life is spent gathering evidence to cover our ****
    When we see our doctor to we ask to see evidence about their diagnosis? no dentist? no fireman? no
    So why do us mugs have to produce 7 bits of writing to 'confirm' a child is a certain level, its wrong plain and simple
    My responses dont normally take long 'so why do you think theyre a 3C writer?' 'BECAUSE i SAY THEY ARE AND HAVE BEEN DOING THE JOB FOR A VERY LONG TIME'
    Quite simple really, if more teachers grew a spine then perhaps things would change for the better
  4. We the most disempowered profession imaginable in England
  5. What irritates me most is when I ask a question or disagree with something in a staff meeting that I know a lot of people are thinking as we talk about it at coffee time, but then no one backs me up. So SMT look at me as if I am trouble maker and on my own. I just need one other person to agree with me - yeah, why do we need that piece of paper filling in when I've just done it last week on a different format.
  6. Couldnt agree more. There are some classic people out there, the 'egger ons' who then sit silent in the meetings. Gutless wonders.
  7. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    Dont suppose anybodies looking forward to Monday
  8. I love your letter. Thats what I say at every staff meeting. However, everyone is afraid to back me up presumably because they dont want to lose their job or be branded a trouble maker.
  9. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    I'm afraid primary teaching is over populated by a flock of sheep-like women who are desperate to please. Sadly, many of them seem to be fans of God, who want to do the 'best for the children', and who therefore are willing to drink up any potion of horror offered to them by their HT.

    APP? Yes, please! After school clubs? Me, me, me! Write down everything you are going to say in the lesson on your lesson plans? Yes, oh, yes! Track pupils daily on every subject? Of course I will, it's for the children, isn't it? Spend your own money to make your classroom a viable teaching environment? Yes, yes, yes - it's what my salary is for!! To make the kiddies happy!!!
  10. It is a double-edge sword however. I work in a school where there was no monitoring for a good many years (for various reasons) and since we have restarted as a new school it came to light very quickly that very experienced teachers who talked the talk and who many think are good solid teachers rarely mark, have inadequate planning and their lesson obs have been scraping satisfactory. Now we are ALL being asked tosubmit our plans and books weekly for monitoring because those "professionals" dont do the basic requirements of their jobs unless someone does check up on them. I was shocked with this information that MANY not one or two were failing to do so much.
    So while I agree that we should be allowed to use our own judgement and professional experience etc (I know MOST of us can do this!) alas there is a significant proportion of teachers who are lazy, and they f it up for all of us.
  11. So why don't SMT in your school just make the "lazy" teachers submit plans and books weekly? This assumes SMT know who the "lazy teachers" are, of course. If they don't, then they're just conjuring up the image of the lazy, unprofessional teacher to justify their actions. "The need for weekly monitoring is because of those awful, lazy, unprofessional (unnamed) teachers in our school so don't blame SMT. We're 'just doing our job' and 'it's for the kids'"
    This is the way many SMTs work - we all want to feel we're better than other teachers because otherwise we're the worst, so the idea of the lazy teacher in your midst is a compelling idea - and SMTs use this to make you do pointless stuff.
    Fact is, we really don't know who these "lazy" teachers in our schools are. We can guess, but because we're stuck in our classrooms and rarely if ever see other teachers teaching, we don't actually know, so we don't have much evidence for it.
    Frankly, you're just falling for SMT propaganda.
  12. Interesting. What were results like (although I guess that depends on what you think of all this levelling lark anyway)?
    I have a friend who is an advisor in the LA. Not been in front of a whole class, week in week out for many many years. She is completely out of touch with the daily grind / relentlessness of it all but happily sallies forth into schools to offer advice on how to improve. I grit my teeth when she talks about her daily fight with teachers to 'improve'. A round of redundancies at the local authorities now threaten a lot of these advisors - most have said they would not even consider going back in the classroom if they lost their job. Rather sad, I think not to say telling.

  13. Quite so.
  14. Unfortunately I am not- they publish the auditing results weekly and a shocking 70% were found inadequate in more than one area- they have daily monitoring, the rest of us weekly even if we consistently get outstandings. Ridiculous really- they should just be targetting the inadequates/borderline but what do we know eh!!!!

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