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Every Child a Writer

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mumpc, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone found there to be any disadvantages to the Every Child a Writer/Reader programmes in primary schools.
  2. I think the only disadvantage is that they miss out on whats going on in the class and because of fitting in several children, its not necessarily going to be literacy. However, the advantages are great, if its done properly, and as its only short term, I think the advantages outway the disadvantages. The only other disadvantage is that it is limited in numbers of children that can take part - at least half the class would benefit from 1:1 teaching at somepoint!
  3. I am an Educational reseacher currently engaged in a project called Every Chilld a L5 English at KS2 2011. There is a thread in which this project is discussed. One of the components of this project is a Dictation course which very successfully promotes reading, writing, spelling, grammar and listening skills. This has a number of advantages in that it requires no direct teacher intervention, involves no administration and perhaps most importantly of all, costs nothing. I have a number of surplus copies of the resources CD which I am happy to send to any interested teachers. They are suitable for Y5 and Y5. Email me at eddiecarron@btconnect.com


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