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Ever been bullied or made to feel so ill you ended up off with stress or resigned? Please read.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by dht46, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. richfruitcake

    richfruitcake New commenter

    Yes I have been in this position twice. First time I took a compromise package. Second time I left before I became ill. I knew I wasn't the only one but am shocked to see just how many replies you are getting in a short space of time.
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  2. Clive_Candy

    Clive_Candy Occasional commenter

    Talk to younger teachers about this and you'll find they have no sympathy whatsoever. As far as they're concerned, older teachers are part of 'the blob' and need to suck it up or ship out. The world has changed...
  3. Oss54

    Oss54 New commenter

    Oh yes - they know it all don't they! Except, have you ever seen what happens on the days when the interactive whiteboard isn't working or the resources aren't loading on the kid's laptops and these young teachers actually have to teach without any IT support? It's hilarious and their total lack of knowledge comes out. The class goes crazy and they are left wondering what the hell they should do. They have no experience to fall back on.
  4. dht46

    dht46 New commenter

    I know at my school the younger teachers are in a very different boat to us older ones. Most live at home or just with a partner so have no kids, mortgages etc to consider. However they are just as likely to suffer from the bullying head, as shown by the number of NQT's who have posted about the issue. Other staff at my school are scared to stand up against what is going on and are just trying to keep their heads down and do as they are told. To be honest the worst for back stabbing are actually some of the older teachers who are scared they will be next so are sucking up.

    What I have found equally frustrating is the lack of support from my Union who just seem to want me to accept a compromise agreement,, that is a pittance compared to what I earn and my rep always seems too busy to listen to me.

    I am hoping that by starting this thread we will show just how widespread the problem of bullying heads is so that we do get a voice and the Unions and those that have authority start to do something about it. As one person said it is only by standing together that anything gets done and I am hoping that TES will see this and help us in our campaign to stop bullying of any kind in schools. As I said before, it is not good for staff or children to be in schools where bullying is seen as effective management.
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  5. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    Have to just add my experience to this.

    I am off at the moment. Confidence dashed. Self esteem rock bottom. All since becoming an academy.

    The 'school improvement' agenda has been punitive, not supportive. For a year the criticism and negativity chipped away at me until I went under.

    And it wasn't the Head. It was the academy outsiders. The head was one of the victims. Four members of staff off with stress by October half term. All over 50 yrs old.

    I feel I am not wanted back - so I shall make my plans accordingly. I have been at the school over 15 years, been part of SLT and seen 4 ofsteds. But nothing was as bad as that last year.

    Onwards and upwards
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  6. Quercynoise

    Quercynoise New commenter

    Me too and this forum has been a real lifesaver. I feel so sad that all my years of experience seem to count for very little.
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  7. FreddyK

    FreddyK New commenter

    About to take the plunge and go on sick leave. Bullying behaviour by SLT. Had enough, I need the time off to get a case together for unions and I to consider what steps to take next.

    Will keep you informed if I can, this thread has been a revelation.

    Wish me luck :)
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  8. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    Good luck, FreddyK.

    This thread on the experiences of bullied teachers is only the tip of the iceberg. If you trawl through a few pages on "Health and Wellbeing" and the "Workplace Dilemmas" forums, you will discover some horrific accounts of ill treatment.
  9. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    I think that it is indeed the tip of the iceberg and there is going to be a massive increase in teachers bullied out of their jobs especially those on UPS3 and/or over 50.

    How the hell are these HTs getting away with it?
  10. Anonymity

    Anonymity Occasional commenter

    Another on signing in. Well over a decade of good or outstanding teaching. Suddenly RI. nothing I do is right. I am sick of hearing that the 'goalposts have moved' -it seems to be the phrase that allows the head to get away with anything.
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  11. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    I think that it is indeed the tip of the iceberg and there is going to be a massive increase in teachers bullied out of their jobs especially those on UPS3 and/or over 50.

    I will go as far as suggesting that this is policy.

    Any teacher on UPS3 is a target, indeed any teacher aged 50 plus.

    Would be interesting to hear from a HT that had been briefed on the best way to reduce the cost of their staff.
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  12. Clive_Candy

    Clive_Candy Occasional commenter

    Wouldn't it be great to find something in writing!
  13. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Many HTs feel they are not getting value for money out of their older teachers.

    After all they are likely to question things they are asked to do whereas the young bouncy 'tigger' type teachers do so much for so much less............

    I would say that many HTs have been briefed on how to get of these awkward expensive old so and so's!

    It would be excellent to find it written down somewhere though......
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  14. FreddyK

    FreddyK New commenter

    So I took the plunge today. Initially sent cover work for Monday, emailed school and told them where my classes were. Then went to see GP, did a questionnaire and surprise surprise I find I have work related stress. I accept the offer of counselling and have two weeks initially signed off. Contacted school, resisted giving cover work as per recommendations from Union, which was brave on my part I felt. Requested a copy of the grievance policy and attendance policy. Needless to say I didn't get any wishes to get well soon.

    Union initially suggested I go down bullying/harassment avenue, taking a grievance out against my line manager. The second time I called them today, another advisor suggested I tread carefully as I may need them at a future stage for references, and that if I went with all guns blazing they would inevitably start covering for one another and I'd get nowhere. Representative over the phone suggested I first get better before even thinking about things like grievances.

    So I'm in two minds at the moment. My life would be easier if I went back 'fully recovered' and accept everything for what it is. If I do the alternative and challenge my line manager's behaviour, I am ultimately doing the right thing and sticking up for myself.

    Head of Dept, AST, now in this situation. Feel guilty about leaving team in the lurch this close to Easter.
  15. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    Don't be. Your state of health is of prime importance. If you keeled over in front of your smartboard they'd wheel you out and replace you in minutes. If you were really lucky, you might get mentioned in a newsletter.
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  16. FreddyK

    FreddyK New commenter

    Reminds me of a colleague, who dragged herself in afraid of the consequences even though her father in law had just died of cancer she was too afraid of letting my Principal know. She was in a real state last week, I could tell she was in pieces the moment I saw her and several staff had to take her 'under our wing' as we always do.

    The more I think about it the more I wonder why do Principals behave this way? He knew I was ill and asking for policies, and yet rather than step away and pass it onto an officially appointed person of contact a little 'get well soon, once you're okay come in and we will talk about the issues you may be seeing that has led to this situation' would go a long way.

    If I am supposedly the person who has problems relating to other members of staff why can he not show a little empathy himself?
  17. FreddyK

    FreddyK New commenter

    While at the same time, I want the message of " you know what, my issue isn't necessarily with you but with my line manager hollering at me twice on the Friday before I signed off, but as we are clear I'm on my way out anyway I just want it to stop that's all"
  18. Same situation. Bullying is endemic - maybe this profession attracts people wih flaws. The bad news is that bullies' psychology is such that they will always take it all the way down to the very end of the line. So it is very hard to win.

    First time I was bullied I managed to catch out my HOD. Let the bullies habituate and before you know it they will unwittingly do it in front of witnesses. The HOD didn't even bother turning up to the Union meeting - this proves as we all know that bullies are cowards.

    This time around I am using concealed surveillance equipment to collect evidence and I would suggest everyone goes down this route. Career managers play for very high stakes and rely on the fact that unions are weak and we can't afford lawyers. Internal procedures cannot work so you need a LOT of evidence befoe you can go to aTribunal.

    I suspect this is why Government introduced academies, because they wanted to shed their liability for endless lawsuits.

    Good luck to all of you.
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  19. Riverhorse

    Riverhorse New commenter

  20. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Awful story which shows the extremes that people are driven to by workplace bullying.

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