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Ever been bullied or made to feel so ill you ended up off with stress or resigned? Please read.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by dht46, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. drek

    drek Lead commenter

    Since it starts at the ‘top’ of the ***** mountain I think for all the grievances caused by ministers at the dfe, OFSTEd chiefs and their minions and Headteachers who undergo their ‘specialist’ training......
    somebody needs to be powerful enough to point the finger at these culprits, and bring them down the way they do to ordinary but hardworking and courageous individuals all over the country.
    Damian Hinds at least put staff wellbeing and allowed us to breathe for a little while.
    I’m not sure what is going to happen next but if this was climate change data I was looking at, then based on the effects of previous changes I’m afraid the prediction for workload and bullying does not look very good......
  2. drek

    drek Lead commenter

    Looking at the tes article about OFSTEd, there was a quote from former OFSTEd chief that speaks clearly about the abusive personality traits exhibited by people essentially supposed to be role models for educators and young people!
    Regarding non inspection of homework here is a Quote from the article below “By contrast, from other, predictable, quarters emerged only fury. Chris McGovern, chair of the Campaign for Real Education (CARE) and a former Ofsted inspector to boot, told The Sunday Times: “This is a retrograde step… Many teachers will take the easy way out and not set homework from now on… This has been done to appease teachers who are complaining about their workload…”


    do we need OFSTED inspectors........ No..... looks like his version of ‘care’ needs serious inspection!

    Mcgovern is going to give some students ‘real education’ some of whom might go on to become teachers and sadly then realise that this person was just after their slice of the education funding pot.
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  3. caress

    caress New commenter

    I was bullied in one of my placements as a probationer. The faculty head would undermine me in front of a class by pulling me aside before a class and chastising me for cleaning the board after a lesson (a one-off oversight). I immediately apologised and offered to clean the board, which she refused only to storm into my class five minutes later and shout at me, then drag me out to clean the board. She would actively ignore disrespectful behaviour from students towards me and various other bullying and unpleasantries until I dreaded going into work. She finished off by failing me on my placement, the university was baffled as they had observed me multiple times and found me excellent in crits etc. They finally disregarded her failing me, said that there must have been a "clash of personalities" (all one-sided as I was always professional and polite towards her, and wouldn't sink to her level. The university subsequently passed me on my course and moved me to another school to complete my training. I advised them not to send any more student teachers to that school. It was over a decade ago but it still stings to remember.
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  4. elfinamerica

    elfinamerica New commenter

    Happened to me and another teacher at a Prison where we worked in the education department. Was a coven of malicious, vindictive, backstabbing, lying horrible women (one of whom was a practicing Christian!) *The inmates were godly compared to them too. The only way to deal with bullying is by writing letters to management and HR with dates and times, keep the union in the loop and confide in people outside of work. Don't let these people gain any ammunition from you remember action = reaction - they thrive on it! why oh why are these types of women (always seems to be cliques of women) allowed to work in education/SLT??? It's like they are struggling for the queen bee crown :p
  5. elfinamerica

    elfinamerica New commenter

    It's always women against other women-forget sisterhood!
  6. elfinamerica

    elfinamerica New commenter

    There are lots of us but remember, some won't dare speak out.

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