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Evacuee drama and making Anderson Shelters

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Elaine*, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Hellooooooo,
    Could anyone help me? I am currently planning my WW2 topic for this term. Have some great ideas...am going to get the children to make gas masks and recreate an air raid...but then I want to go onto making anderson shelters. Am not tying it to the DT topic so don't want it to be massively in-depth but also don't want to just cut out boring worksheets.
    Has anyone made some fab shelters that didn't involve a massive planning process?
    Also....I would like to do some drama about evacuee's, am not very creative in this department so wondered if any of you had a scheme of work to inspire me and get my brain working?
    Any ideas????

  2. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  3. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  4. Hiya,

    We recently did a drama performance for ww2 in Y3/Y4. It's called Bombs and Blackberries by Julia Donaldson. The children loved it and learnt so much. Whilst learning the scripts and performing they were able to investigate the different aspects and artefacts.

    Would recommend.
  5. emma44

    emma44 New commenter

    I am making air raid shelters with my class next week. Am going to use corrugated cardboard to make the basic curved shape and then will stick one edge of that to a piece of flat cardboard (for the floor) and will make a little string hook on the other side so you can lift the roof to see inside. Then am going to ask them to use scraps of felt and cardboard to make some basic furniture to go inside it. AM hoping to have them made in an afternoon. Don't know if this is very easy to understand but I know what I mean! Will also get them to make some tissue paper grass to stick around the outside. I have made a similar large scale version in my classroom too.
    Good luck!
  6. fantastic, have decided to make a class shelter and give each group a part to make eg furniture, garden, walls/roof etc.

    Still unsure about evacuee lesson...might take into the hall with bags and split them up and go from there.

    have any of you linked dance into ww2??? Need some inspiration

  7. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  8. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  9. wow thanks Queen Lit, that was exactly what I was looking for!!! Thankyou x

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