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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by durgamata, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    talking to an RE teacher friend about this earlier, she said she'd read that there was to be a vote about it in Switzerland as many people there are not happy about the country being the focus of international suicide tourism. She thought it had been voted that you had to be a Swedish resident to qualify for this sort of 'service.'

    I googled suicide tourism and Swedish vote on Euthanasia and found lots more interesting articles, some of which I have added to my ethics resource.

    It seems that they did have a vote, only a few weeks ago, but the proposal to restrict euthanasia was defeated. I guess some of the clinics such as Dignitas were campaigning against this proposal - and they have plenty of money to advertise their views as they charge people to come and die in their clinics.

    I have been quite shocked by some of the articles - in Holland many people are killed by their doctors who judge that they don't have a good enough quality of life to continue to live. Neither they nor their family members are consulted. Many older people are so worried by this that they carry cards and make their wishes known to all their faimily - that they do not want Euthanasia.

    In Oregon, the only US state where it's legal (I think) there have been many cases of abuse and botched treatment. Health Care companies may actually tell a patient how much treatment will cost and how much euthanasia. If they don't have enough for the treatment, they are encouraged to take the 'cheaper option.'

    There are cases where daughters and sons have put pressure on their elderly relatives to choose euthanasia because it is cheaper than care and avoids the family having to look after them.

    And in some cases the death is not 'good' but very painful and messy. One wife actually called 911 (ambulance) because her husband was dying in such agony. The hospital revived him!

    All in all there are probably too many articles I've uploaded - but at least you can print them all out and file them as a resource for students to check out and pick one or two important things from.

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