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Eureka!!!...I've discovered an answer to all the ills in Teaching.....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ninasimone, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. With all the bad news out here on the supply forum and the many downtrodden amongst us (and by Golly there is a lot of us!!)...I was quietly thinking for a moment and then HEY PRESTO.....a EUREKA moment.....a moment that rarely comes to me, but nonetheless it did and I thought lets share with all and sundry.....Now I dont wish to even remotely pretend to be professional about this, I mean that's old hat now, but after discovering this eureka moment, allow me to share my rationale.....and findings!
    Are we sitting comfortably? Yes, then I shall begin....After many months of research via this and many other forums, I have discovered that...
    Firstly.....qualified teachers are NOTneeded, supply teachers are NOT needed, NQTs are NOT needed and...
    Secondly....agencies and many schools act like *** with not a jot of professionalism or care of the people that make schools.....THE TEACHERS!
    Thridly.... CSs and arsey TAs are like a disease and unqualified staff should be shot and retrained as lollipop personnel..........therefore my eureka moment and solution is..........................................................................
    .......let the bloody kids teach the lessons..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I mean it would be laugh and they would make a better job of it than the W@@@@@S who are taking the place of qualified teachers.
    .......I'll let you know when I get another moment like this.....
  2. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    At least it's better than the sh1te Gove is spewing. Honestly, I was actually just getting to the point of being up for applying for perm posts (been using supply to get confidence back after an unpleasant experience at the last school i worked directly for) and this week has seen me want to never take a perm post again reading what gove and the dimwit in charge of ofsted want to see happening.
  3. ...yes, I forgot to mention in my post the manner in which Gove os going about things.
    ...he doesnt have a clue at all how teachers tick and what is required to fix a broken system
    ...teachers and teaching needs a visionary in govt to get education back on track again
    ...as key workers, we are constantly battling BS initiatives to improve but then given no respect as a professional body.
    ...Mr Gove, why dont you spend a day with me in a class...lets see how you would cope me old mucker....FAKKING clueless
  4. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    The slight flaw in this approach is that once you have shot these unqualified staff they will be dead and therefore impossible to train for anything other then a corpse.
  5. Oh that's where I've been going wrong. Seems the unqualified staff I've ever met have allready been shot and have studied two modules from the OU - how to seem busy and how to seem useful when you don't really know f*** all.
  6. ...Ah Yes the curse of so called OU qualifications....these people ( I refer to the numpties that think they know how to teach) are a bain of teachers' lives
    ...Seriously for a moment, if I am honest some can be useful when supply first arrive at a school as they know the kids a bit better and can advise reference SEN and other learning issues....BUT thats where they should stop!!
    ...all my experiences with toss-pots such as CSs/TAs is that they think they can do the job better (which they cant) and, I dont know if anyone else has felt this, but they, CSs/TAs, always seem to look down their noses at you as if you are there to entertain them as well as teach the kids....what utter W@@@@@S they are, sitting there observing as if they are Ofsted
    ...throw one of these people into the lion's den, then lets see who has the last laugh
  7. ...yes indeed, I seen have many corpses who are more useful and less demanding than CSs/TAs who think they know it all....THEY CAN ALL F@@K off, well those that act like little hitlers and *** about supply to others
  8. Ninasimone, when you encounter TAs in schools do you confront them with the same attitude that you are expressing here? If so, I'm not surprised that they seem less than friendly. I have found TAs or equivalent to be very helpful in many situations. They know where things are kept, they know the kids, they know the school routines and they are usually willing to do menial jobs like photocopying if you treat them with a bit of RESPECT. A few of them might be a bit snotty on occasion, but the same goes for some tinkers, tailors, soldiers, sailors or any other occupation.

    I know people use these forums for letting off steam, and we all need to do that at times, but are you sure it's appropriate to describe any group of people "like a disease"? I certainly wouldn't enjoy a situation in which somebody was slagging off supply teachers and saying we were "like a disease" and "should be shot".
  9. ...as we are a free society, everyone is entitled to their opinion. With that comes responsibility and to that end my comments refers to the CSs/TAs I have seen with my very own EYES and heard with my very EARS.
    ...not all of said group are the same, but the vast majority do come across as 'all knowing' and snooty.
    ...I dont come across, when I meet them, in the same manner as Ive expressed myself. Not by a long chalk. In fact, I will utilise their experience professionally where applicable. Yes, they have a head start, which all teachers, let alone supply, can tap into.
    ...however, the issue here, which I have decided to mock to an extent, is mainly based around the bigger issue of using CSs/TAs in classrooms when they are NOT QUALIFIED!!!!!!
    ...to this end, they are a disease and as for using UNQUALIFIED staff...dont get me started brother
    ...for goodness sake if you havent come across the ones I have labelled then you must be living on a different planet my friend...
  10. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    :( As a current OU student (picking up some extra science at the moment) I find the use of the OU connection unsettling (I'm having to work my **** off for mine).

    TA's can be useful, if you get one that is good at doing their job (working with the child/children to support the teacher in getting them to work) but they can also be pains in the bum. It's the luck of the draw when you go in as supply, thankfully most of the ones I've met have been the former and not the latter but I've met some of those too. And if we're looking at parity then whilst I know that there are loads of hard working supply teachers out therewe also have a few naff wet echos that supply too.
  11. ...quite agree. Just as in any walk of life there are the good and bad ones out there.
    ...I have come across some naff supply as well, but in line with the overall point that schools/agencies are riding on the back of cheap labour (which they are) by employing CSs/TAs to do what teachers were trained to do, the status quo cannot be maintained, what with 1000s of new graduates coming out of uni each year.
    ...it is this insidious development that rankles the teachers
  12. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    I agree with you on the riding the back of cheap labour. I did once, and only once, go into a school as a TA. But that was when I was an NQT (so less experienced at teaching) and I went in to a special school as a one off to get a feel for what it was like. I've not yet had any agency ask me if I'll go in as a CS and as I said the one time I TAed it was just to gain some experience in a different setting.
  13. I personally dont have issues with people gaining some additionla experience doing some TA/Cs work. However, you will find more now than ever before, qualified teachers ONLY being offered CS/TA work by agencies, because the schools know they can get away with it.
    More worringly, is the fact that schools are openly/overtly only asking for CS because the rates are cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. My fear is that, if schools continue to do this in increasing numbers (claiming current economics as one of the reasons) now, then they will carry on post-recession indefinitely. There are some poor 'fast tracked' heads out there.
  15. Without a doubt, this trend is going to continue/get worse. Considering the economic behind it, it is quite clear that unless we can either kick off massive industry, or go back to mega-debt with no consequences, the public sector budgets are going to be very squeezed indeed.

    As a supply, it's pretty much game over. As a teacher training now, the odds aren't brilliant and for everyone, there is probably change in the pipes.

    A lot of people on proper contracts say "It won't happen to me, my union will see I'm OK, I have all my rights and benefits secure".....(so f*&^ the rest of you) and I'd say it was time to be concerned and watching what is happening very carefully. They will be coming for the payscales and it probably won't be head on. It will probably be in a "academy" kind of way, where people can celebrate creativity in a dynamic, community focussed, bottom up, not top down way, where stakeholders get to involve real world experience in fostering a new paradigm of student centered, personally tailored whilst embracing all elements of the individuals....etc, etc, etc.....(aka employing unqualified staff to do the job)
  16. ...some extremely valid points here.
    ...the paradigm shift over the past 12/18 months or so has been extreme in the education sector.
    ...who would have thought the misty eyed view of teaching we all had, the govt inclinations towards 'education at any cost' and individual learning programmes for all have all but disappeared.
    ...this has been replaced with a dog eat dog policy on who can get the product (the teacher) at the lowest possible cost. In effect, this policy has priced many out of teaching.
  17. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Well I, for one, am truly fed up of TAs who seem to know nothing about the class and are unhelpful or seem to just let you struggle when they could easily intervene and give you a heads up about behaviour procedures or class routines you obviously know nothing about.
  18. ...Bob on that Guinesspuss. I do like to involve TAs in lessons where I can and usually by seeking info about kids from them. Either the TAs are too stuck up their A-RSES and become judgmental about you or they are too scared to ask...either way I have only come across a few TAs/CSs that I would regard as useful!!

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