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EU teachers in the UK

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by RitaJulia, May 2, 2019.

  1. RitaJulia

    RitaJulia New commenter

    Dear Community,
    I would like to hear about your experience as EU teachers, also would like to hear the UK teachers' experience with us, EU teachers. Thank you.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
  2. Robak1991

    Robak1991 New commenter

    I had a lot of bad experiences. There are plenty of misconceptions about EU teachers. For example that most OTT from the EU(there is even a nice article ripping to bits the EU OTTs) of are too stupid to be able to cope with teaching in the UK. A lot of people are shocked that our qualifications are recognised. I actually experienced a lot of rejection when I looked to VOLUNTEER. I am not saying this was due to being the OTT I think this was actually not connected. It was tough and rough. Now I am going to start a post as an NQT (I am not one, but the school does not realise I am exempt from the induction), but I see it as an advantage, because of the amount of support I will receive and not having to pass anything. The only thing is should I make the school aware I am not an NQT well I don't know actually.
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  3. RitaJulia

    RitaJulia New commenter

    Dear Robak1991: thank you for your reply. I have very similar experiences. With a PhD, I was a TA in a primary for 3 weeks, so I guess I am humble enough. Altogether, I was in 11 schools throughout 8 months, as a supply, teaching everything from primary to college. About racist attacks: I turned to my union about it, several times, and after a while they started answering, and try to take measures, as there were many complaints: e.g. train mental health practitioners to educate school staff and students. It is very important to talk about this: do not get discouraged, just keep talking, nicely and firmly, so that they understand.
  4. CWadd

    CWadd Lead commenter

    I've worked with at least ten EU teachers over the last decade. Predominantly Irish (teaching Geography or History) or French or Spanish (teaching modern languages).

    Every single one has been an utter joy to work with, and I loved working with them. I'm sorry posters on here have had negative experiences of working in UK schools. There are a fair few ignorant idiots both in students and staff, and its not acceptable.

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