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EU teachers and MPS PLEASE ****HELP / ADVISE****

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by littlejim, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. From what you have written and included from STPCD, I would disagree with your calculations.

    The international schools and private schools, I believe, do not count. Neither does the post secondary since the STPCD says ?school age?. Agency supply work in the UK doesn?t count either.

    I would therefore have said M4. However, if the school is keen to employ you they may be prepared to pay M6. Good luck.
  2. My school tried to put on on M1 but I told them that was incorrect. I checked the national legislation and the school policy and both said that a teacher who worked as a qualified teacher in an EU country must have their experience recognised. So, 5 years as a qualified teacher in an EU country means being put on M6, no excuses! This is mandatory. Please note that they will misguide you and even LA will tell you pocky pies! There is a difference between an overseas trained teacher and EEA trained teacher. The EEA has the same rights as a UK trained one. Remember, no pocky pies, no excuses! Mandatory means they they have no choice. Simple!
  3. *porky pies

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