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Estimated benefits

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by ColinWilson, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. You will only ever get estimates, based on returns from LEA's, up until the point that you retire. Only then will they be able to look in detail at your last 10 years and calculate your exact pension. In most cases there will be hardly any difference.
    Have you considered waiting until the end of August to get a smaller ARB pension reduction?
  2. I have just applied and received my figures--took about a week and although on paper it looks very different I can see why there is a difference and it is or seems to be in my favour!
  3. Colin
    Thank you for the info. I resigned at Christmas and have held on as long as possible but the end of May is about my limit. I would have 39 years reckonable service at NPA and will be going at 59 yrs 1month so it shouldn't be too bad.
    Do you mind if I ask HOW it looked very different? I will be taking the maximum lump sum.

    Thanks both
  4. The figures given for the final salary on the estimate were far greater than the figures given on the pension statement when it was finalised BUT the pension and lump sum are in the same order of magnitude so not a lot a different from the estimate!

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