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Estes rocket car project in DT

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by CrossByNameCrossByNature, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. CrossByNameCrossByNature

    CrossByNameCrossByNature New commenter

    Hi just wondering if anyone has used the Estes rockets in design technology or physics lessons.

    It's sounds a great project which ticks many boxes.
    Aroedynamics, vacuum forming, mathematics in the calculation of speed attained etc.

    Question is what equipment is needed?
    Estes Launch Controller to allow ignition and release by pupils at a safe distance
    Where can I obtain these from are they available via online market sites or are they specialised pieces of kit?

    Any help appreciated
  2. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    Pyrotechnic rocket motors like this are a H&S nightmare in modern schools. While they are perfectly safe, I've used similar devices in projects with kids and in other situations. I would really have to think twice and probably three or more times before I'd use them in a school environment. Just remember if you have even the slightest mishap, you and your career will be out of the school gates faster than any of these devices can fly

    But if you are determined to go ahead,and assuming you get clearance from your safety people, the modelrocket.co.uk shop are a really good source of equipment etc.
  3. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Been having my ear bent by a Upper Sixth Rocket Scientist:

    Been making "KNO3 rocket fuel at home! So now thinking about a 2 full day Y8 rocket making project! Apart from the above, any advice?
  4. Fizzbobble

    Fizzbobble Occasional commenter

    Do NOT make that rocket fuel at school. The Estes kits are fine, just remember that postage is pricey so ordering quite a few things at once is a good idea. I have used them in physics and clubs for years. We launch outside on a nice day, remembering to issue a notice to airmen. There was a thread about this a while back; I will see if I can find it.
  5. Fizzbobble

    Fizzbobble Occasional commenter

  6. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    He's also from Zim so he did it out there. I wouldn't be so stupid as to make the stuff myself (for use in schools) so will stick to the commercial stuff: http://www.modelrockets.co.uk/shop/

    They've been very helpful though and so I might be able to squeeze a stem project out of it. Using their Designer's self-build kits and SpaceCad will hopefully build a good 2day design, make and test project.

    Thanks for the advice though.
  7. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    And another thing not to try out at home (or in school)
  8. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    What a brilliant film! Perfect for showing the boys how the rocket engines burn AND it finally explains to me how the parachute is deployed! Thanks for sharing!
  9. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    How about running an engine on Tequila?

  10. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Looks like I can get time & funding so next is a Risk Assessment...anyone ever done one for solid fuel powered drag racers?
  11. aypi

    aypi Senior commenter

  12. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Thanks - tried running their risk assessment by my H&S guy but he blew me out - said it was full of holes. Luckily I discovered our head of STEM has a pyro ticket and he's willing to pitch in writing a new one. Will update if I get some joy.

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