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Estate Agents GRRRRR

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. I am absolutely fuming. Ive just handed the keys of my rented house over back to the estate agent, and they conducted the end of tenancy inspection. The whole process was stressful as he wandered around sighing with his clipboard, then he proceeded to give me the rundown of every tiny little thing that was wrong with the house.
    My mother, bless her heart, spent an entire day cleaning the house. We have paid professionals to come and steamm clean carpets. We have removed every scrap from the property, and done everything we feasibly could,
    There were a couple of things I am fine about, that I know I will lose deposit for - cats have scratched wallpaper, and garden was not in the best state.
    However, the arrogant, patronising little pleb proceeded to point out a cobweb, a dribble on the oven that has OBVIOUSLY been cleaned and must be a dribble of oven cleaner, slight scuff marks on walls where furniture had been up against them, path marks on carpets (they're old carpets, weve lived in the house 3 years, and weve had them steam cleaned!).
    It was one thing after another and I felt like crying. I have been living there for 3 years and there are certain things I just couldnt fix or clean. If there is the odd splatter grease mark on the walls in the kitchen, its because its a kitchen! If id attempted to clean it id have wrecked the wallpaper. If theres a scratch on the work surface then im sorry - again, ive leaved there 3 years and occasionally I dont live a perfect existance!
    They also tried to blame a damp problem on us saying it was 'condensation'. It is in every room attached to an external wall, the double glazing needs resealing and has done since we moved in, and weve had a dehumidifier running 24/7.
    I cannot believe the way they treat someone who has looked after the house as best she can, and paid rent etc on time every single month.
    Im not an angry person and avoid confrontation, but I saw red and the man got an absolute mouthful. I told him they were pathetic and patronising. Im not proud of my behaviour but it did make me feel a damn sight better!
    Heres hoping I dont ever have to deal with rental agents again now I own my own house!!
  2. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter


    knickers to them all.
  3. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Hear,hear,Impulse. From now on ,your house might have cobwebs and dirt on carpets but they are your cobwebs and dirt!
    Now,where did I put that hoover?
  4. This is the same company that put "Please ensure all lightbulbs are working, or contractors may have to be called in at your expense" on their letter about the end of my tenancy!
    How many estate agents....etc :p
    I had a go at him about that too while I was in the flow. He said he hadnt mentioned anything about lightbulbs. I said I didnt bloody well care whether he had or not, it was in the letter and the lot of them were pathetic.
  5. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Good. Plain and simple. The rental agency sound like complete *****.
    You can fill those asterixs with any word of your choosing. Numerous words even, as *'s expand to meet your full requirement.
  6. We had a really condescending letter prior to the end of our tenancy reminding us to clean things like cobwebs and cookers and things. It got my hackles up quite a bit, but on checkout the guy actually didn't seem that bothered about things like the fact the cheap as crud cream carpet looked, well, cheap and cruddy - and in the end we got the deposit back the following day.
    I realise that the antics of a few idiots mean all tenants are treated like scum - but gawd am I glad not to have to deal with letting agencies any more!
  7. You should have handed his form back to him, quoting these immortal lines, I believe from Act Two of King Lear:
    "you can stuff it up your ar*e for nothing, and **** off whilst you're doing it"

  8. Haha Thankyou all for cheering me up!
    I wouldve done just that - but im too worried they're going to try and sting me for even more than my deposit! The redecorating due to the cats wandering claws is going to cost enough, and I take responsibility for that, but am worried they're going to try and bill me for more for all the "added extras" that he wrote down.
  9. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Fight it. Were you given an inventory, to tick, on the day you accepted the lease?
  10. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I am moving out next week and was sent a checklist of everything I need to do - it was 4 pages long! I wasn't resentful about cleaning it before but this list has made me.
    It includes things like scrub all the skirting boards and have curtains professionally cleaned and pressed and hung up in the appropriate manner. They also want me to clean windows inside and out. Inside isn't a problem but as I live in a 3rd floor flat with no balcony to stand on I refuse to hang out the window to clean the outside.

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