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Essentials resources/displays in year 1 classroom?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Faye-Marie*, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hello
    I will be new to year 1 in September and I want to start getting things made for the walls, washing lines etc, and making any resources needed?

    Any advice would be fabulous xx
  2. Personally I would check what is already available in the classroom first.
    The most important part of my year 1 classroom was always the very well stocked writing corner.
  3. There is nothing much at all in the classroom. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for things I can get laminating etc...

    I like the sounds of a writing corner xxx
  4. isil

    isil New commenter

    number cards
    loop cards for games
    letters and sounds

    I would class these as 'essentials' but there will be other things, have a look on communication4all and the other resource sites for ideas.

  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    What did the previous teacher use?
    How is Y1 organised - formal or with continuous provision ? How does the school want it organised? It will impact on your displays/resources
  6. Before I started in my classroom I made and laminated alphabet, numbers to 20, shapes, number bonds to 10 and vowel digraph/trigraph wall frieze type things that stay up above the display boards...the children us them all the time and they have been a constant in my classroom since the beginning!
    Number lines, alphabet lines, number fans and hundred squares are other things that I would deem essential.
    Of course you will need resources for writing areas, book corner etc but I found that I could not really prepare things for these areas until I got the planning, although I did make generic "We love to read" and book review laminates for the book corner before hand.
    Also made "We are learning to", "I am looking for", "Today's date is..." and "There are ___ children here today" laminates for the whiteboard and signs for my door, areas of classroom, number of children allowed in each area and parents notices label.
    Hope that helps :)
  7. Thanks for that...
    What is a digraph/trigaph wall frieze?? Sounds good!
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  9. I LOVE this display - did you buy it or download it???

    I couldn't live without my writing area, creative area (with words that are very creative surrounding it), number bonds to 10 laminated display, key words up around the place, numbers to 20, alphabet freeze, role play area things (very essential!), and random questions around the place which the children love reading!
  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It's from Smartkids
  11. Don't forget to think about a role play corner - absolutley essential to be gathering bits and bobs at boot fairs over the summer. You'll always need a home set up which is a great place to start when they first come into their new class.

    Suzi xx
  12. Hello Faye-Marie


    I have been sending out a CD of Reading and Spelling
    Resources of over 350
    resources for very little cost.

    Although originally made to support a structured programme of work for
    dyslexic pupils, the resources are suitable for all children.

    There are numerous Phonic posters
    and Sight Word Picture Mnemonics as well as word cards for every phonic group.
    There are many card games - Picture Pairs, Bingo, Rummy, SWITCH, Patience,
    Chain Words, Spelling Choice Pairs as well as Board Games.
    More information on the website. www.helpingdyslexia.co.uk

    I can email a complete list of the
    resources that are on the CD as well as some examples if you contact me: margaret2612@btinternet.com

  13. When I was in Y1 the bits I viewed as essential to have available somewhere (be it on walls, or on table mats/help cards etc) were things like - colour words, days of the week/months of the year, alphabet/digraph/trigraph charts in whatever the school approved letter formation was, numbers (y1s still have the mental block about "what's a 9 look like again" kicking in a fair bit). Some way of accessing high-frequency words is good as well - one of the best I saw was using a shoe hanger and cards on there, or velcro dots so kids could pick words off and put them back.
    That's a few things to be thinking about that are easy enough to get on with preparing if you've got some idea of the size of your classroom and where you can put things (I had phonic stuff sticky back plasticed to the tables rather than on the wall because my classroom had a lot of windows and not much in the way of wall space - and I don't like running stuff all over the windows personally). Don't go nuts though until you know what you're going to inherit from the previous teacher, and the wallspace etc you have to work with.
    Role play's another good one to be thinking about/picking up bits for. I luckily inherited a set of fairly well-resourced themed role play boxes I could add to - but if you're starting from the bare minimum it's worth having possible themes/areas in mind in case you see anything that would come in useful for it - however you do start to run out of space in your house/garage/car boot once you start going down this route... my mother's a master-scrounger (how the heck she got her hands on the Islamic prayer mat and army camouflague net is still beyond me) and she also keeps her eye out for things that might come in useful in school.

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