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essential skills wales

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Elanors Dad, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. is anyone delivering this in North Wales next year after doing Key Skills this year. I have been asked to look at doing it in KS3 next year and I would like to visit someone who has expeinece of it in this area

    Mike Price - Rhyl
  2. Hi Mike,
    Even though there is another year to do Key Skills we have decided to change over to the Essential Skills scheme from September 2010. I am at this moment creating an exemplar portfolio based on the current Level 2 Key Skills portfolio which we put our Year 9 pupils through.
    I'm more than happy if you want to visit - but being in Swansea I'm a bit far away.
    Failing that - send me a PM and I'll forward you my email address if you want to open up some form of correspondence.
    Would be handy to talk to someone else.
  3. Hi GJE, I am moving back to Wales and working in Port Talbot after having worked in England for the last 8 years. I also wanted to set up Essential Skills in my new school. Researching the specs on the internet and was wondering which exam board you were using?

  4. Hi Jojo,
    We are WJEC.
  5. Hi Gareth,
    Where is the WJEC spec for Essential Skills? I was looking and Edexcel (which has so good online information). Going to try and get on a course asap - do you know of any?

  6. I've bought Key Skills books from Lexden Publishing and I have heard from them they are publishing Essential Skills Wales English Levels 1 and 2 text books which will be students' books with a How To section and lots of practice tasks, and a tutors' book with answers and portfolio assignments which can be adapted. Has anyone else heard about these?
  7. JohnAdamsonOCR

    JohnAdamsonOCR New commenter

    If anyone is looking for help delivering Essential Skills Wales please email essentialskillswales@ocr.org.uk

    OCR are running plenty of free training events for the individual specifications in the new term which can be booked online at www.ocreventbooker.org.uk

    Kind regards,
    OCR Cymru
  8. thanks - seems daft the Essential Skills WALES - and it seems easier to get information from OCR and Edexcel then anyone else (like WAG for example) - Thanks for the pointer to the course - would have gone except that I will be away on that date

    Thanks anyway - I am booked on a WJEC course in September

  9. Now got the ESW Comms 1 book and am waiting for the tutors' pack. Hopefully Level 2 will be out soon. Lexden have told us that there is a new book soon to be published which has 15 or so Portfolio assignment tasks for a variety of vocational areas. This will help me, hopefully this year.
  10. Hiya Mike. I am delivering it in BEJ - right on your doorstep. Finding it a challenge to migrate from keyskills to ESW.
    Might be worth getting our heads together on it and seeing what we can come up with?
  11. I know some schools that do it in KS3, we have done the first task in Yr 9 and the second in Yr 10, but uncertainty over Welsh Bacc and ESW makes it very difficult knowing what to do!!
  12. sorry i dont use this often. Also 3 years ago I did it through WJEC but didnt find them very helpful as you just send off a sample, and heard many schools had projects failed for minor things. So I switched to OCR as I had experience with them doing AON - far better - moderator comes in and discussions can be had.

    Unfortunately I have been told that OCR (unconfirmed) are only going to offer ESW this year and next year, with any schools wishing to cash these in as part of the BACC therefore having difficulty. So it seems (unwillingly) we will have to switch back to WJEC and just hope the changing of ICT ESW to Digital literacy is a positive one for teachers as Im not filled with much confidence at present and awaiting positive news in upcoming meetings regarding the BACC
  13. lisah220

    lisah220 New commenter

    Hi there,

    Wondering if anyone could help - I am trying to get my head around welsh bacc for ks5 - has anyone by any chance got their hands on a scheme of work - ours isn't available yet. Thanks - very much appreciated.

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