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Essay on how have you developed as a teacher

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by walle, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Please help!!! I am a PGCE student and I have to write an essay on how have you developed as a teacher. Can anyone please share their ideas or suggestions or quotes? I am struggling to write introduction and what to include in the essay. Thanks a lot.
  2. essentiallyprincess

    essentiallyprincess New commenter

    Can not help with quotes because I don't know how you have developed as a teacher. It sounds like it is a very reflective essay. Have you improved your differentiation? Are you better at managing/communicating with your TA? Has your communication skills with parents and carers improved? What subject did you do your degree in (specialism)? Have you improved your pedagogical knowledge in that subject? What do you now understand about inclusion? Have you improved your subject knowledge in any area, if so how did this help your teaching? What problems have you encountered teaching and how have you overcome them? Use your observation feedback to support you and then find quotes in the areas you are looking at i.e. creativity, differentiation, inclusion etc
  3. Seriously? You don't know what to write? Unless you were an absolutely amazing teacher from Day 1 and haven't developed because you can't improve on perfection, then I would say that this is one of the easiest types of essays to write.
    Think about how you taught at the beginning, and how you teach now. Ditto planning, ditto assessment, ditto relationships with pupils/parents/colleagues, ditto behaviour management, ditto differentiation, ditto developing/identifying resources, ditto absolutely anything and everything you do in teaching.
    I'm sorry, but as a fellow trainee (recently completed and passed GTP) it angers me to see people bring down the overall perception of the profession which I have very quickly come to love by showing such severe shortcomings.
  4. Did this for GTP and it was dead easy as we were told to keep a reflective journal.We also had subject knowledge audits and had completed subject knowledge vivas and group assignments where we found out and researched an area of education. You have probably done reading, lesson observations. I was also set targets each week that I had to meet and these were looked for in later lesson observations.
    I began my essay with my statement that I wrote at the start of the course (we were all asked to do this as part of our reflective journal) about the kind of teacher we wanted to be and I looked at whether I had achived that and whether or not my priorities and aspirations had changed (which of course they had) but unless you documented this at the beginning it is actually difficult to go and and recreate that, which is why I think out Uni got us to do that in the first place.
    The peeps who struggled were the ones who did not keep their reflective journal up to date.
    Agree with poster above me too - this is such a simple assignment. I have to do the same with my CEDP profile this year as part of my Masters - not rocket science as I have learned loads in my NQT year and there is plenty to write about (and probably will be every year from now on LOL)
  5. Hi
    Seems like you are a student from middlesex uni. As one of my friend is doing her GTP and she has to keep the same things what you have said.
  6. Thank you so much to all for your advice.
  7. Hi
    I am a GTP student. As you mentioned I have kept my reflective journal up to date and done as many lesson observatiions I can during my first term. What do you mean by subject knowledge audit and subject knowledge vivas? When you say set targets was it set by your mentor to achieve it during your lesson observation? I am also preparing for my essay and would really appreciate your advice.
    Thanks fairy222528


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