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Especially for Cherryaimless - a Malory Towers Thread!

Discussion in 'Book club' started by hepburn22, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Sorry to dredge up this thread again but I had to tell you that I have ordered the Boxed Set from Amazon and it will be dispatched in the next few days... am so excited!
  2. I have also ordered it for my daughter - can't wait to read them all to her.
  3. Can't even use my daughter as an excuse! She doesn't want to read them so they're all for me!!

  4. Never mind re reading books, I'm so sad I've just re read the whole of this thread! Wonder if my neices would like that boxed set. Wonder if my sister-in-law would approve...
  5. Well, if I were your sister-in-law I would definitely approve! (Only because I could "borrow" the books myself). Though there are a lot of anti-Blyton types out there.
  6. Well, thanks to you lot, Amazon are now out of stock of that boxed set, and are saying it won't be back in stock in time for Christmas. I suppose at least I don't have to worry about sister-in-law's sensibilities now.
  7. What a fab thread.
    I read MT and FF, went to boarding school and spent 5 years working in one. Now I feel the need to re-read the MT again.
    You guys might also like the Miss Read books, for a 'grown up' alternative - she's a teacher in a village school. It's about the same era as MT etc, and wonderful to read too...(I ended up buying just about every one I could get my hands on)
  8. Yes you are right, the MT boxed set has sold out at Amazon! I just had an email from them saying it would probably not be posted until January. Oh dear. That'll give me something to look forward to though after I have eaten all the Christmas chocolate and read all my new Christmas books!
  9. Not had time to read all thread, definately a Malory Towers girl, always wanted to be called Darrell, played as third man for school lacrosse team, hockey was for wimps! Both daughters read the books and both went to boarding school altho alas neither played lacrosse
  10. Rabbity - I did get the Malory Towers boxed set from another supplier. It cost a fiver more, but has arrived already! Hope neice likes it, am desperate to rip the cellophane off & read them again before I give them to her. Had better get the Christmas wrapping on and hide it quick!
  11. Ok so it's not Malory Towers and it's not a book either, but I'm snuggled up inside watching my new box set of St Trinians - am looking forward to seeing the remake soon with the gorgeous Colin Firth.
  12. I loved these books, but what do you think my 12 year old niece and my 12 year old goddaughter would make of them? Are they VERY old fashioned, and I have rose-coloured glasses??
  13. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Wow - I have been reading this thread with great pleasure - until recently I thought it was only me who found the Malory Towers and St Clare books so addictive!

    I actually began re-collecting and reading them a couple of years ago now, and have all the St Clare's series (including the two written by Pamela Cox, which are good, but don't have quite the Blyton edge), and I have a few more to complete my Malory Towers set.

    I think that the characters and storylines are brilliant, as well as the social values the books up-hold and teach - I think many of the pupils in our schools would benefit from reading a book or two in the series!

    btw, anybody who is interested should check out the relvant entries in Wikipedia for a full and detailed list of all the characters who appeared in the entire series, plot summaries etc.

    Also, apparantly there is a German author who continued the Malory Towers series with Darrell and her friends returning to 'Malory Nest', an affiliated college of MT, then Darrell returning to MT as teacher, head of North Tower, and eventually Headmistress!
    Alas, I don't believe that the books have been translated into English though, which is a great shame! I would love to get my hands on them if they are!

    For those of you wondering about The Naughtiest Girl series (which I also enjoyed), Anne Digby wrote several more in very similar style to complete the series - there's about 6 or 7 more you can read and enjoy!

    I loved all these books and like most of you have said, wished I could go to boarding school myself.
    That was never to be even a consideration though, and I had to be content with writing my own school-novel, (which I did complete, aged 14, but never did anything with it!) It was inspired and influenced by an odd mixture of Malory Towers / St Clares reading and the SE London comp I attended. Think I called it something like "First Term at Grey Towers"!!!
  14. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    PS As a follow up to my previous post regarding the German continuations of the Malory Towers books, of which there are actually 12 titles...

    For those of you who don't speak / read German, as I don't, I have just discovered a web-site where the author is translating the books into English. The first book in the German series is fully translated and accessible to read on-line at:


    And the second book is in progess, and the parts which have been translated so far are


    Well, I know what I'm doing for the rest of this afternoon!

    Happy reading all!

  15. Wah - got an email today saying my boxset won't be here till after Christmas too!
  16. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    I convinced the Librarian at School to get the full Malory Towers in... She did so, and now I see pupils reading them. They are NEVER on the shelves in the Library and there is a waiting list for them.


    So, Drea, if you want to get them for your niece, I would say heartily that no, you do not have rose tinted specs on (to hide your neautiful green eyes, Clarissa!!) and that your niece will have a wizard time reading the whole series!
  17. Funnily enough, Cherry, I do have green eyes! (well, hazel) to go with my red hair!
    It's a bit late to get them now, but I think I will for birthdays this year!
  18. What a wonderful thread! I am waiting for my neice to be old enough to read these then I am going to buy the lot for her. (and read them myself first of course!)

    Just as a by the way - how old are we all....? I'm late ish thirties....
  19. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    I'm 21.
  20. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Closer in age to you, Alix, I'm about to become 33!

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