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Especially for Cherryaimless - a Malory Towers Thread!

Discussion in 'Book club' started by hepburn22, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    "Shall I make some tea?" asked Darrell, scooting out to the little kitchen.
    "NO," mumbled Alicia, pulling the pillow back over her head.
    "What?" said Darrell, flicking the switch on her kettle. How exciting to have her own electricity supply. She really was grown up!
    "Thank you, Darrell, yes, I'll have some tea," answered Alica. Darrell smiled to herself, and began to hum as she spooned leaves into the teapot mummy had bought for her from Woolworth's just yesterday afternoon. Darrell hugged hgerself with glee. She hoped Sally was having as much fun as she was, in Istanbul, working with orphaned babies. She suddenly felt a pang of love for her best friend, who, having decided at the last minute that studying at University was a total waste of time, had applied for a position as a worker for one of her mother's overseas charities. And what of Mary-Lou, at the Royal School of Nursing in London, of all places! Darrell knew that Mary-Lou would be having the time of her life, and wouldn't she look simply splendid in her starched uniform and jaunty white cap? Oh, it was all so thrilling to know that the world was just waiting for them to make their mark - yes, thought Darrell, tipping three spoons of sugar into Alicia's cup, even Alicia would succeed at something, surely!
    "Here we are," sang Darrell as she walked back into the room where Alicia had given in and surfaced.
    "I've got a lecture in an hour," said Darrell, "And so have you, actually."
    "Darrell, dear, I'm meeting Betty at eleven in the Union Bar. You can't expect me to go to lectures in the first week!"
    Darrell stared at Alicia in amazement. What could be more fun than going to their first lecture?
    "Don't tell me you've actually come to University to...Oh, good heavens! You HAVE! You came here to WORK! Oh, Darrell, you are a donkey!" said Alicia, taking a sip of her tea and burning her tongue. "Ow! Look, come with me to the Bar. Oh how PRICELESS!"
    Darrell rubbed her nose as she always did when faced with a difficult situation.
    "Come on," urged Alicia. "I'll stand you a Black Russian!"
    Darrell looked at her friend. Miss Oakes' voice echoed in her mind.
    "Ahhh, **** it," she said. "Bring on the Black Russians!"
  2. This is wizard Cherry - are you sure you're not related to Enid Blyton?!

    Those of you enjoying Darrell's adventures on here might also like to check out Cherry's other related thread - Miss Stickler at the School for Young Lovelies. It's fab!

  3. Have just seen this thread. Have to confess to being a BIG Eenie fan.

    The best MT was definitely Upper Fourth with Clarissa and Gwendoline and her weak heart.

    The best St C was Claudine at St Clares with the Hon Angela and her awful mother.

    My darker confession is that I also used to read those awful teen romance things, Sweet Valley High, with the perfect Wakefield twins, Elizabeth and Jessica. Does anyone else wish to 'out' themselves or am I all alone with my secret addiction?
  4. I how I loved those books too - the beautiful twins with their blonde hair and size 4 figures. I wanted to call my future baby boy 'Todd' after reading them!
  5. Thank you Hepburn 22. I'm not alone in my sickness.

    I have to confess that I have nearly all the SVH and the SV Senior year books. Just for fun a while ago I decided to read them all from the beginning. It was like eating a whole tube of Pringles - you knew that it was no good for you, would make you feel sick but that you just couldn't help yourself.

    The plots were so way out as well. The time the twins went to London and were stalked by a were-wolf must take the biscuit.
  6. I have to confess something worse - I watched the TV series!
  7. Oh dear Hepburn 22 - I think you are a terminal case!

    I have just started up a SVH thread. Hopefully, we are not alone in the pit of reading hell!
  8. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    Oh no. That's it now. I regret giving my collection of 40 SVH novels to charity when I was 33.

    (Mind you, I did only collect as far as the British Regina showing up, with her "clipped British tones". I think I lost my patience at number 40. They went on to the hundreds, didn't they?)

  9. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    I recently gave Second Form at Malory Towers to the French teacher at my school. She's French, and she was talking about how she always gets her English idioms mixed up, which of course, reminded me of Mam'zelle Dupont.

    She LOVED it! Her husband's going to read it next!

    (I have a sneaky suspicion, though, that, in school, at least, she is a little more Rougier than Dupont!)
  10. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter


    Have sparked a craze for reading Enid Blyton at school! So far, three teachers are threatening to re-read old favourites this summer! There is a buying FRENZY going on on amazon marketplace! Hope it doesn't drive up the prices...

    I'm also naming my brand new room 'Blyton' next term - sounds so much better than E1.
  11. ukn


    What a fab thread! I read both sets of books years ago but the characters have all merged together in my memory. Who was the artistic girl who drew wickedly accurate portraits of her classmates? I remember her drawing someone (maybe Gwendoline?) sharpening mountains of pencils!

    I also had some on tape, narrated by some enthusiastic jobbing actors. Some of the accents were hilarious, like Mamzelle and Carlotta. Bet you can't buy them now.
  12. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    Twas Belinda who drew wickedly accurate portraits. She drew Gwen scowling, and had a collection of them according to "Upper Fourth at Malory "Towers"...as to the pencils memory you describe, you're thinking of when she drew Saint Catherine in "In the Fifth at Malory Towers"!
  13. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    And I'm stright off to amazon to see if I can find the audio cassettes you describe!
  14. ukn


    That's right, St Catherine!

    Have just found the tapes - I had Summer Term at St Clare's and The O'Sullivan Twins, not sure if the latter was part of the school series. I must have taped them from the library as they aren't originals... but I did have several Famous Five ones that might be published by the same people. Try Rainbow Communications Ltd. The series was Theatre for Children, with notes in the card saying, "Think of it as a babysitter you can call on day or night"!
  15. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    Thank you!

    "The O'Sulivan Twins" was part of the St Clare's original series, but it came out of sequence, I think. Don't know why.

  16. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    typo: O'Sullivan
  17. decj

    decj New commenter

    Guess what! There's a Mallory Towers jigsaw for sale on Ebay!
  18. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    No! I'm too late!
  19. I played lacrosse when I got to college, having read Malory Towers as a child I'd always wanted to play. It's a brilliant game, but very hard!!
  20. malory towers? simply wizard! and the twins at st clares - loved them all. especially the idea of the swimming pool in the rocks and the toast for tea. i really wanted to go to boarding school after reading them

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