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Especially for Cherryaimless - a Malory Towers Thread!

Discussion in 'Book club' started by hepburn22, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. So, who else loves these books and wants to join our gang to discuss the delightful Malory Towers series?!
  2. So, who else loves these books and wants to join our gang to discuss the delightful Malory Towers series?!
  3. I was more of a 'St Clare's' fan myself though did indulge in Malory Towers after graduating from Famous Five and the far inferior Secret Seven.
  4. Ahhh Malory Towers!! I lovedddd these books as a child :) may have to dig them out again, sure its better than some of the **** Ive read lately!
  5. I used to love these books although I always hated how sporty they were!
  6. Yup, I prefered toasting crumpets at St. Claire's with the prefects than Mallory Towers BUT I did enjoy them and had them all... perhaps I should look for a job at a boarding school, or maybe just re-read the books.
  7. I LOVED (love!) Malory Towers!!!

    I can remember making the girl who lived next door to me play Malory Towers and she said "Who am I again? Darrell Seas?"

    And I said "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Darrell Seas... you're so stupid."

    And she went off in a huff.

    ******. Fancy not knowing. :p
  8. My favourite was the one where Gwendoline pretends to have a weak heart to get out of sport and her School Certificate and gets sent back by the doctor who says she is just too fat! LOL!

    Come to think of it, she'd fit in well these days, what with Healthy Eating in schools and all that! haha!
  9. I love St Clare's too but Malory Towers is my fav!
    This just reminded me - I really wanted to change my name to Gwendoline when I was younger! I thought it was a lovely name!

    Is there a link between these books and becoming teachers?!
  10. I loved Mallory Towers and ST. Claires too. Always made me think that I would love to go to boarding school and learn to play lacrosse. Does anyone actually play that game?
  11. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I wanted to be called Darrell when i was little - can't remember if she was Mallory or St Claire's! She was my heroine!
  12. I wanted to be Carlotta 'the wild circus girl'. Pat and Isobel (the twins) were rather dull in comparison.
  13. Oh wow - Mallory Towers!!! (Para, that was Darryl)

    Mine were read so much that pages were falling out of them and the binding has gone on one so that it now lives in a sandwich bag!
  14. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Yes ...absolutly loved Mallory Towers.. read them all.Shame l haven't got girls to share them with,not sure my boys would like them as much!!!!
  15. Does anyone work in a boarding school? If so, is it anything like St Clares or Malory Towers? I have all these romantic visions from these books about midnight feasts, 'prep' and so on!
  16. Oh wow, I loved Malory Towers. I almost used to wish I'd gone to boarding school (I very nearly did). I cant really remember much that happened in them now though :-( it was so very long ago.

    Some of my friends used to have "prep" hepburn but I'm not sure about the midnight feasts, I'll ask!
  17. I LOVED Malory Towers!! I loved the characters and really wanted to go to boarding school as a result. I pestered my parents to go, I even sat the entrance exam but we couldn't afford it!
    Reading this thread reminded me so much of how much I enjoyed reading those books! Were there characters called Daphne? Sally? (seem to remember she had appendicitus?) Was there a teacher called Mamzelle?
  18. Yep! Darrell pushed Sally over and then Sally started crying about her tummy hurting and then Darrell was panicking and thinking that she did it, but it turned out to be appendicitis

    And Daphne was the one who kept stealing from everyone and she was going to post the evidence, but then Mary Lou went to post the parcel instead and got blown over the cliff and Daphne saved her.

  19. I absolutely loved these books when I was younger. I was shocked to find out they are no longer in my local library.
  20. You can get them on ebay. I suppose they're not published anymore as they're nto the type of book children are into today - they're not gritty enough!

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