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ESL Tuition - any advice please?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by helenemdee, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. helenemdee

    helenemdee Occasional commenter

    One of my existing clients whose son I tutor has asked me to do some English speaking tuition with his elder daughter aged 18. She has just arrived from China to live in England and speaks next to no English. (I don't know any Chinese either). This is to 'tide her over' until she goes to college to study English in September. As I already work with the family, I'd like to help, but this isn't my forte - I usually teach primary-age English and Maths. Could anyone advise me on where to start with teaching English as a second language, or any good website or book resources? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  2. phatsals

    phatsals Occasional commenter

    British Council have some useful resources.
  3. joyce-b

    joyce-b New commenter

    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
  4. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    I have taught eal students in class and as a tutor. Many had very poor English.

    Start from the basics alphabet, 100 most common words etc, start reading books and use digraphs.

    I would always read to my real students and used lots of pictures in the beginning.

    Once they see their knowledge building they will gain confidence and want to know more.

    My eal students were all lovely to teach!

    Good luck
  5. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    Hi there - I was keen to PM you re: this, but, sadly, I'm still completely flummoxed as how to actually create and send a PM on this site... I wondered whether you had ended up taking on the EAL student? I've found myself in a similar position to you, having been asked to tutor a family member - of a past student - who only has very basic English (I'm an English/ SEN tutor). I've found some tips online, but I would love to be able to find out how you got on/ pick your brains. If you did have a moment, and could PM me, I would be so grateful. Despite having read the 'How to guide', I'm still struggling to work out how to do this myself...
  6. helenemdee

    helenemdee Occasional commenter

    @CloudsTES - yes I did and I still teach her! I never realised you had sent me this reply until now. I'll PM you this weekend if I get chance.
  7. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    Hi Helen - thank you for your response. Amazing that you're still tutoring the pupil! I've had a few weeks now with my Russian lady now, and it seems to be going ok... I started off with Wikihow, a few blogs and went from there! I've got a couple of DK books which have been very useful, just, if anything, to give me a framework from which to work. I'd love to be able to pick your brains via PM, but only if you have a moment... busy time of the year!
  8. roberwilson_01

    roberwilson_01 New commenter

    Hi Helen,

    You should start with basic English like Grammer, Vocabulary and Prepositions. Also make her read articles related to English language. Engage her with English language documentaries.

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