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Discussion in 'Professional development' started by missie_2004, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi ya,
    I am currently a T.A and I've been offered a conditional place at the university of Cumbria to study for a degree in Teaching and Learning.
    I've booked a test with equivalencytesting.com in English and hopefully will pass. i was wondering if anyone else had used this company and how difficult was the test?
    Any study advise is also welcome as the exam is next month and involes poetry, which isnt my strongest point!
    Many thank C x
  2. Hello

    I Know your message is really old now, but i just want to know how you got on with the English exam with equivalencytesting.com?

    i want to do my PGCE but i didnt pass my English GCSE, my university said they will accept the English Language qualification equivalencytesting.com so i am hoping to take the exam on 3rd Sept.

    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Many Thanks,
    Anita xx
  3. Im stuck with the same situation.

    Can I get some help please??

    Any study material?



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