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Equipment for school work

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cariad2, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I would only ever expect "junk"/ recyclable stuff to be brought in by primary school children eg glass jars for planting beans, a cereal box to make a model house etc. If I've requested these kinds of items, then I've given parents a couple of weeks notice, sent a letter home, and put a letter on the window as an extra reminder - I don't think you can rely on children to pass on messages.
    I think that it's really wrong to expect parents to buy materials - whether it's basic stationary (pens and pencils etc), or bits and pieces for art or dt. That's what school budgets are for.
  2. Same here. We also usually get some children who bring in spares that they can donate. It's not fair not to allow the child to take part- what about those kids from really underprivileged backgrounds/ can't-be-bothered parents who never get any support with reading, spelling, anything really. Surely they won't make the effort to bring in a cereal box or whatever. I have lots who never bring in their books so have to have a class set that doesn't go home. To stop these children taking part in what is probably a lovely activity, is really unfair.

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