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Equality and Diversity NCFE level 2 award

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by jessiejump, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi - Does anyone teach the Equality and Diversity NCFE level 2 award? I am thinking of teaching this to Yr 10 in one lesson a week as from Sept. Please tell me your experiences of this course if you have. Many thanks. J
  2. deut

    deut New commenter

    Funnily enough I wrote to Michael Gove about this very course yesterday. (and to NATRE)
    We had a presentation in which the representative guaranteed 100% GradeB (equivalent to GCSE) When I asked about assessment she told me there wasn't any!!!!
    How can this course have any academic credibility?
    All our students study for full course RS GCSE on one 50 minute lesson (we are a mid range comprehensive)
    I honestly don't understand the attraction.
  3. believe81

    believe81 New commenter

    I teach this subject but not out of choice.
    We are about to start the third year of this. It is very repetitive, students get bored and don't see the point, a lot of paperwork involved for each section and lower ability students find it difficult to grasp some of the ideas and keywords. I've had a lower ability group this year and it has been a struggle. I think the main issue is that it so repetitive.
    I don't mind teaching other subjects that are not my own specialism but when it is so repetitive, time consuming and a spoon feeding subject to ensure everyone passes, I find it a waste of my time.
    I apologise if this is not what you want to hear. Hopefully other people's experiences are more positive.
  4. Sounds like you should use your right to withdraw. Teachers can just as children. I also suggest the HOD needs to be doing a better job. Your schemes of work must be terrible if you think GCSE RS is dull and repetitive. Another example of how our subject is mindlessly put across as a waste of space subject! Makes my blood boil! I teach 14 exam groups a week, with a 86% pass rate and I don't get a lot of complaints- in fact students said the subject needed more than 1 hour a week. Funny how a bit of love for a subject can inspire the students. Your attitude is obviously rubbing off on your students. Get your HOD to look into entry level I teach one class of them too. Works a treat for lower ability students

    Apologies for the harsh overtone!
  5. Hi - any positive experiences of equality and diversity? I am in a dilemma as the Phil and Applied Ethics OCR short course GCSE is not working as kids do not value it as half a GCSE (just do in Yr 10 no RE in Yr 11) and are turned off totally by the religious bit but like the ethical slant.I am planning to keep in Yr 9 and do the entry level and the top set the short course GCSE. Top set kids are really under achieving in Yr 10 and behaviour and attitude towards RE are a real issue despite batterling for many years against this. I am up against it due to the context of where the school is situated and parental attitudes that I battle and battle against. I am a specialist, very passionate about RE and experienced. I love RE. I do my upmost to deliver stimulating course for Phil and Ethics in yr 10 but it is not working well enough in KS4. I have done evaluations with the kids and general feedback is negative despite doing Medical Ethics, Peace and Justice, Wealth and Poverty, religion and Equality and Religion and Media unit (all Christianity). So I am being bold and daring and going to give the Diversity and Equality a a go. A really hard decsion but I am going to take a risk and it is my decsion as HOD. The SMT keen so here goes!
  6. Jessie- Have you thought of the ASDAN short course? I had my year 11 classes taken away from me for the short course and was given only half of year 10. In previous years I had the whole of year 10 and then they'd get taken away again throughout the year to do Maths instead. As you can imagine, teaching the shortcourse became nigh on impossible.
    So as a compromise I've been give an extra lesson in year 9 now, have started the ASDAN beliefs and Values which they will top up to the COPE elsewhere in the curriculum in year 10.
    I have never done OCR short course- but was doing it with my full course option kids. I agree that the current format of this previously fantastic course could not be delivered though a short course.
  7. Kind of moving away from the original subject, but I wonder about a change in the short course topics. I am considering doing B602 (the philosophy one with good and evil and religion and science). I assessed for this paper and not only was I really impressed with the standard of answers, the teachers I met at the moderation meeting were full of praise about how the topics engaged students. I think I am going to try delivering this to Yr 10s, and then do B603 (medical ethics etc) with Yr 11.

  8. believe81

    believe81 New commenter

    Just to clarify, I was talking about Equality and Diversity.
  9. Apologies Believe81- got my knickers in a twist by not reading your post correctly! :)

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