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Equalities Act and new Scottish Qualifications

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by figra, May 28, 2012.

  1. The Scottish Qualifications Authority are changing the way in which
    candidates with disabilities can access qualifications. A particular concern is the new
    Literacy Unit. This was originally to be a discrete unit, but is now to
    be bolted on to English at National 3 and 4 - broadly equivalent to
    Access 3 and Standard Grade General (4). It will be compulsory, and
    candidates are not to be allowed access to a human scribe or reader.
    This will effectively limit some candidates attainment in English to
    National 2, even if their ability to analyse and respond to literature,
    and to create their own texts for a variety of purposes far surpasses
    this level.

    The SQA are currently carrying out a consultation on the Equality Act,
    and how they are interpreting it with regard to the new qualifications.
    It is open until June 8th - the link is below. Please take the time to
    read it, and to share your thoughts on it with the SQA. Please also
    pass it on to anyone you think may be interested...it is very important
    that stakeholders let the SQA know how this may impact them.

  2. You should post this on the main opinion forum. No readers or scribes? Will they be stumping up for voice recognition tech? Does it mean kids who do Nat 5 are allowed readers and scribes?

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