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Environmental Chemistry project

Discussion in 'Science' started by steph838, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I have a long time to teach year 9 Environmental Chemistry to my set 5s. (atleast half a term) I was thinking of putting it together into some sort of creative project, with possible cross curricular links. But im struggling to come up with a theme / idea for the project. I want something that will make the topic as appealing as possible and enthuse the students.Any ideas would be great. thanks
  2. how many lessons a week??? I know you asked for a creative project and mine sort of was. It was along the lines of what was good for the school plantwise/buildingwise and humanwise.
    I did-..
    1. go out round the school site and collect samples of soil, ph tests then analysis of which plants would grow best in those areas. 2/3 lessons
    2. research then make leaflets about acid rain and effects on plants 1/2 lessons
    3. a few worksheets to make up the theory lessons 1/2 lessons
    4. tests on household solutions to find ph scales (and find that Johnsons pH5.5 handwash aint wot it says on the tin!) 1 lesson
    5. tests on different building materials eg iron,copper,zinc,sandstone,marble,chalk to see if any of the school was at risk 1 lesson
    you did say any ideas welcome lol
  3. Thanks for your reply. I get them twice a week. I like your idea of testing the different building materials to see if any of the school was
    at risk.

    Any ideas on a theme for the whole topic??


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