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Entry level certificate: Edexcel 2 and 8

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Angek, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hi - I have been inspired by posts to ask how the entry certificte works with Edexcel. I had a look on their website but found it very confusing - so makes much more sense to ask you guys - who speak sense and from experience!
    I would appreciate a basic overview of what it entails and if you rate it for those who are taking RE but clealry struggle.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. Not done it for a while but basically it covers exactly the same spec as your short course classes. They answer 3 (or poss 4 questions -off the top of my head) that are the same format as b,c,d style questions. For 2 of them they can have text books out, and consturctive advice. For the 3rd part they have to do that totally uaided in any way at all.
    My only misgiving is that it is easy - VERY easy! It is awarded in 3 levels and the only pupil I ever had that didn't get a top level had missed loads of lessons and only submitted part of the work and still came out with the second highest level. I would say that pupils predicted Es can get the highest level without too much hassle.
    I did it for a couple of years with p very weak pupils but in the end began to wonder what the point was - they might as well have a real GCSE at D or E than a certifciate of achievement. We now have a policy of every child sits the RE exam regardless of ability etc as my wonderful head understands that it is the process of studying RE that does the work as opposed to the end result on a piece of paper.

  3. Hi Lev - thanks for your detailed reply!
    I completely agree about the purpose of RE learning as process not simply grade, but there are some students this year who simply never, ever, turn up for RE (complicated) and are clearly not benefitting when they do rararly appear - so I am looking for something that would suit them. They would be facing a U in the final exam.

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