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Entre les murs / Kiffe Kiffe Demain

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by DavidDogue, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Bonjour !

    After many attempts to obtain resources from AQA, I am hoping to find somebody that has good resources and example essays both on the film and the book. As well as creating my own, I am hoping to show students good models of essays to work through.

    Merci à tous!
  2. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    Some interpretations I chanced upon online...

    Entre les murs

    1. Hélène Beaugy: Modern Languages Study Guides: Entre les murs.


    Exam Board: AQA & Edexcel
    Level: AS/A-level
    Subject: Modern Languages
    First Teaching: September 2016
    First Exam: June 2017

    Film analysis made easy. Build your students' confidence in their language abilities and help them develop the skills needed to critique their chosen work: putting it into context, understanding the themes and director's technique, as well as specialist terminology.

    Breaking down each scene, character and theme in Entre les murs (The Class), this accessible guide will enable your students to understand the historical and social context of the film and give them the critical and language skills needed to write a successful essay.

    - Strengthen language skills with relevant grammar, vocab and writing exercises throughout
    - Aim for top marks by building a bank of textual examples and quotes to enhance exam response
    - Build confidence with knowledge-check questions at the end of every chapter
    - Revise effectively with pages of essential vocabulary and key mind maps throughout
    - Feel prepared for exams with advice on how to write an essay, plus sample essay questions, two levels of model answers and examiner commentary

    2. Kobi Assoulin: Between the Walls of Recognition, a Philosophical Analysis of the Film The Class(Entre les Murs). Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies-Volume 3, Issue 1–Pages 21-36. Free PDF download. https://www.athensjournals.gr/mediterranean/2017-3-1-2-Assoulin.pdf

    3. Debra Miretzky: Teaching the Class with The Class: Debunking the Need for Heroes. Free PDF download. https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1150948.pdf

    4. Laurent Cantet: Entre les murs. http://www.alevelfrench.com/home/mod/book/view.php?id=5229&chapterid=634

    Kiffe Kiffe Demain

    1. Faiza Guene: National and ethnical in the individual picture of the world of the heroine of "Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow"
    Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Language and Literature 5(3):187-195 · August 2014.
    DOI: 10.7813/jll.2014/5-3/33
    Cite this publication

    Natalya Mongilyova
    1.71A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University

    The author analyses the individual world view of a teenage girl for the purpose of defining the difference between the ethnical and national pictures of the world. The picture of the world forms an informative-emotional space in which an individual exists. The ethnical picture of the world correlates with the mentality of an ethnos, ethnical spirituality based on the objective commonness of origin from common ancestors. In a multicultural state, the national picture of the world is defined as homogeneity of moral values and behavioural stereotypes of the state's citizens regardless of their ethnical background. The novel by F. Guene "Kiffe-kiffe demain" is a private diary of a French girl whose parents are emigrants from North Africa. The book's text allows us to deduce how in the individual picture of the heroine two cultural systems correlate - ethnical (principles and values that her parents follow) and national (cultural values of modern France). The categories and implications in which national and ethnical are in a definite cultural distance (concepts of family, religion, the role of a woman in society) are of a special interest. The situations in which the ethnical component of the emotional-cultural space plays a leading role are determined. Quite often, the heroine uses two cultural-linguistic codes simultaneously: French and ethnical. To perform the set tasks, the connotation of sentences in which the heroine expresses her opinion are analysed, and it is defined which cultural code is dominating. The context of the use of linguistic units with a cultural component of meaning, in which ethnical and national world view systems are represented, is studied in the article. A special focus is made on cultural rhemes included in comparative constructions, as well as on situations of opposition or conflict of ethnical and national. Any community is defined by the unity of cultural values and saves their integrity by means of homogeneity of behavioural stereotypes. The heroine's aspiration to change her life, not to be like her neighbours means that children of migrants do not belong to their ethnos. Functioning of national values in the mentality of a new generation of emigrants determines the difference between the new generation and the elder (first) generation of emigrants for whom national values do not have any personal meaning. This difference causes the new generation of emigrants to form a new sub-ethnos (bear) in the territory of a European state, and the elder generation saves their distinctive character and can hardly integrate in the European cultural space.

    2. Byrne: Kiffe Kiffe Demain - Book review: Etude de texte. A full explanation of the book Kiffe Kiffe Demain helping you to understand the messages/themes/language/context of the book. ideal for A level studies or university level. https://www.amazon.fr/Kiffe-Demain-review-Etude-texte-ebook/dp/B07D1ZY6L3

    3. Sonia Mucerenge: Examensarbete. Kandidat. La condition de la femme dans le roman Kiffe kiffe demain (French text - free PDF download). https://du.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1232715/FULLTEXT01.pdf

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  3. Hewe41

    Hewe41 New commenter

    You've gone out of your way to provide really useful resources and ideas!!!! Merci beaucoup, it is much appreciated. Have a beautiful half term!

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