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Entertaining a one year old

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Fleur ;-), May 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all, just wondered if anyone has anysuggestions for activities we can do at home with LO. He suddenly seems a lot harder to occupy and his toys are just not capturing his interest like they used to. We can manage an hour at the most inside without a break of some sort eg lunch, nap etc. We usually then go to the park or swimming or something like that! The afternoons are the trickiest as once he's had hismorning nap then his lunch that's it till tea time.
    Inside we do playing with toys, we have a 'treasure basket' with safe odds and ends in, we use crayons and draw pictures, sometimes we play with water in the kitchen or blow bubbles, we read lots of books (again and again and again...he loves the same ones!) but i'm just curious if anyone could tell me some little activities you do with your LOs!
    Thanks x
  2. Get your saucepans and woodern spoons out - my LO could spend ages bashing the pans at that age.
  3. That sounds about right to me. We only ever manage an hour inside too. Apparently she's happy for longer than that at the childminder but she has other children to entertain her there. Generally once we're bored and grumpy I stick her in the buggy or the sling and we go for a walk. I don't care about the weather either, come rain or shine I can find a reason to go out, to the shops, arrange to meet a friend, to the park, etc. Or even stick her shoes on and walk round the block (letting her jump in puddles if it's wet) which takes ages as she's only just started walking unaided.
    Inside we do much the same as you, also I've started letting her play with play-doh, or we do a little bit of baking (pre-made pastry that she can roll out/play with/eat) and paint is quite fun even if it is rather messy lol.
  4. Have you tried different parts of the house? We sometimes play upstairs in my bedroom late afternoon when my LO starts to get bored, and the change of scenery often helps.
    To be honest, we try to spend most of the day out and about, as it is hard to keep LO occupied in the house for too long. Sometimes we even just go to the local garden centre to look at the fish, or Toys R Us to see the play houses.
  5. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    It's hard isn't it, especially when they start walking. A favourite with my little one is playing hide and seek around the house, he gets so excited, or I chase him round and tickle him when I catch him. Pretty tiring to keep up for long though. We also play in different parts of the house as well, as being confined to one room for too long drives him nuts. I move big toys to different rooms from time to time and that seems to help keep interest.
    LO also loves playing and listening to real musical instruments, I get my violin out and attempt to play my OH's guitar and he loves blowing in my old recorders from school! In the kitchen he plays with pegs and the laundry basket for quite a long time and in the garden helps me water the plants.
    No luck with crayons, he just eats them. I am going to give play dough a go this week.
  6. They become hard at about one for a whole day.
    Messy play can occupy some time - a tray/apaddling pool/ mat with something like shaving foam, cornflour and water, wet pasta, jelly, baked beans (ugh).
    Feed the ducks- probably something you have thought of but I am upset as there is no duck pond in walking distance from here.
    I like the rain as you can jump in puddles!
    Heuristic play is the step on from a treasure basket. Have lots of collections of the same objects. For example, a shoe box full of jam jar lids, a box full of cardboard tubes, bottles etc. The little ones can sort them, bang them, (and try and eat them).
    Is there a soft play area near you?

    Most one years olds have very limited concentration spans so a whole day is blooming hard work!
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Our local childrens centres do messy play, crafts, stories and rhymes, free play sessions etc for toddlers- could be worth checking out what's on in your area? All these are free, and it's good to have a change of scene, chat to other mums, the walk there occupies some time etc. In fact I'm taking my 5 month old to messy play this afternoon for the first time, should be interesting!
  8. Get them doing a few jobs - starting with low level dusting/ floor wiping with a bit of experience watering the flowers in the garden/ baking/ sorting the washing out. I dont know exactly how old your LO is but my just turned 2 year old loves helping!
  9. Thanks for your ideas everyone! Will be trying play-doh and playing in the big bedroom this week - also pots and pans - can't believe i didn't think of that [​IMG]

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