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Enterprise - Financial Capability

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by pada, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hi can anyone help, I am pulling my hair out
    I would like to implement an enterprise programme within the school which focuses on Financial Capability, I am not sure if personal finance is part of this. I have no idea of how to run this whether throughout the curriculum or pastoral system. The head likes the idea and I would like to provide a plan of how it would be run, a job description and good succesful resources that can be delivered.
  2. I don't know whether this is useful OR relevant, however, where I am teaching we do something called Cefs (Certificate in Financial Studies) run by the IFS. It is a course which all junior Banking and Building Society staff do as their first step. It covers many aspects of personal finance. IFS provide much of the material for the teaching and folders for those enroled. We cover it for our Yr 12s as one of thier options. Not only is it good for personal finance ( I would have liked my daughter to do it before going to Uni) it provides UCAS points.
    It is a fairly practical course. However, as students of this age have little comprehension of the complexities of personal finance it appeals to the more able as well as providing a good basis in personal finance for the full ability range.
    I have researched songs and films to do with money, finance, debt and Uni finance to add to the material I have been given.
    It is mainly taken as a Yr 12 option, but some of our studetns then go onto the Diploma n Yr 13 where they look at case studies. Actually rather interesting. Then do an exam based on case studie provided in the paper.
    IFS also provide a course in Sharia financial Law whichis also interesting.
    In view of Gove saying he was looking at students doing finance this looks a good one to be researching.
    HOpe that helps.

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