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Enough is Enough!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by WorriedPartner68, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. WorriedPartner68

    WorriedPartner68 New commenter

    My partner is working in an academy and has the threat of Informal capabilities hanging over her. Her treatment over the past couple of month is disgraceful. Its bullying in my eyes but for some reason it seems this behavour by SLT is acceptable all across the country and my partner is to leave quietly so as not to have this on her reference.

    Lets get one thing straight, My partner works her backside off and has done since we met 11 years ago. Every night without fail, 11pm finish despite having 2 small children. Her work ethic cannot be questioned. Recently this has increased to past midnight and starting again at 6am to meet unrealistic targets set by( Is there a name we can call them?) SLT.
    My partner, She loves LOVES teaching, and the children, her aim was never to be a SLT, HT etc but she is so astounding at what she does she has moved up from Head of English, to now SENCO for the past 3 years and turned around a failing department within the school so much so that parents are requesting places from as far as 15-20miles away.
    My partners work history is unquestionable. Outstanding in every observation been made. She has just completed her masters equivalent with an 80% pass rate again whilst balancing a young family and having a full time job with this hanging over her. Yet she still see the threat of capabilities hanging over her.
    Her anxiety levels are now through the roof, She has lost 25% of her body weight (doctors opinion) and her confidence is low. Her union are now involved. She has been advised to go on the sick but that isnt in her character.
    The reason for all this( speaking to my Head teacher friend who worked at and left same academy) is as follows.
    Old head teacher came brought expensive staff, turned around the school and left.
    SLT now doing same masters equivalent am my partner. (passing in summer) assumed this is the reason for it all and she will take over the role and they will employ an NQT
    My friend said they are using threat of capabilities to cut costs, Its supposed to help failing teachers not be a way to cut costs.
    Its an open secret that teachers leave quietly before such measures and this seems to be across the board.
    Why has no one found a voice to stand up to this? Why are they allowed to get away with it?
    Why is it an accepted practice?
    I dont understand why this is allowed to continue. This is happening to an outstanding teacher to SAVE MONEY and it is disgusting. This also effect my children and choice of schools etc, Do we move to a new area and that is wrong.
  2. Calpurnia99

    Calpurnia99 Star commenter

    Yes it happens, is happening in a school I used to work at just as you describe.
    I don't know what can be done about it because Academy Trusts seem to be accountable to absolutely no-one. Unions are only as strong as their members and reps, so errrmmm...
    As you say, people roll over to keep "Capability" off their reference. A start would be to fight it, reject it, refuse to go, but that don't pay the rent.
    I genuinely don't know how this kind of thng can be challenged by individuals. It would take a mass national action of the kind teachers are generally rubbish at.
    Sorry you and your family are having to go through this.
  3. elledriver

    elledriver Lead commenter

    Read up on employment law before it happens. Covert recording of meetings.
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  4. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    We will be under new management after Christmas - early indications are that they will be pretty ruthless and some people are already worried about their jobs.

    Me - I'm filling in two application forms over the holiday.
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  5. Postduif

    Postduif Occasional commenter

    Make a formal complaint, but be sure to have watertight documentation and have your union right behind you. It takes guts, and there will be a lot of pressure, but if you stick to your guns you will eventually get some sort of justice. I know because I did, even though the complaint was not upheld. The point was that my complaint had been the fourth one taken out against this person in nine years, and the verdict had always been "not proven". That person left within a year having been told that their career was at an end in terms of further promotion. I was bribed to resign and did so, and have been happily self-employed ever since.
  6. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I think in teaching bullies eventually get noticed and someone puts a stop on their career. This has happened to one particularly unpleasant person I've come across in teaching and they are unlikely to progress any further than they have got now - that is a good thing.
  7. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    You know, if your partner is as fantastic as you say, and has the evidence to support this, I'm wondering if your MP may be worth approaching......
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  8. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    Union, union, union - and, if they advise something (like taking time off because you are ill) then I'd take it. Your main responsibility is not to the school, or even the pupils, but yourself and your family.
  9. Bedlam3

    Bedlam3 Star commenter

    Sick leave might not be in her character but losing 25% of body weight and being very stressed is a health issue and there is nothing to be ashamed of In taking sick leave due to stress. She must look after herself.
  10. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Another side of this is what I call the Year Zero Headteacher. The new arrival who doesn't want people around them who can remember when things were better. Such experienced oldsters tend to ask embarrassing questions when so-called 'new' (ie exhumed) initiatives are introduced so the greasy pole climbers can have something to play with.

    It's not always about budgets, although budgets may be used by 'divide and rule' leaders to create a climate of fear.
  11. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Not if it is a Tory MP. They love academies.
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  12. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Before my old school became an Academy the staff had a meeting with someone from the NUT, he pretty much said there was nothing they could do for teachers working in Academies.
  13. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Academies don't
    have to recognise unions.
  14. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Agree but more importantly academies recruited (and still do if possible) very heavily from the young 'uns who as a general rule won't take strike action or even notice the oldies being shunted out.
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  15. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Sorry to hear about your wife and it is wonderful she has you to support her through this ordeal. What is happening to her, is and has happened to a lot of wonderful teachers and the effect on the individual, the staff around them, the children's learning is profound and unfortunately, it is only when it directly affects people outside of teaching, they take note.

    I hope your lovely wife gets better and finds a school that will give her the respect she deserves. I bet she is anxious over the Year 11s and Year 13s exams, but you have to convince her to look out for herself. Their outcomes will be the responsibility of the idiots who have put their academic results in jeopardy by behaving in this way. She is to rid herself of the guilt.

    Despite all that going on, you have to switch it off and focus on having a wonderful, magical Christmas with your little uns.

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  16. elledriver

    elledriver Lead commenter

    They do if the union applies for statutory recognitions, just like any other organization.
  17. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Trouble is the government is sticking its head up its own rear over this issue....Education has deteriorated even further since the devil incarnate Grove was in power....but there is none as blind as those who do not want to see.
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  18. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Sorry for your partner, OP. And for you.
    Your opening post is very clearly put, and that is going to help others reading here, who might not like to post but who are maybe going through the same. You could possibly have changed somebody's feeling of "I am rubbish" into "many teachers are being told they are rubbish". So it's a stand in itself that you have posted here.

    Welcome to injustice. The obvious fix is get out and go where it's better. Longer term, it's not about making a collective voice and preventing this happening for others, it is about seeking out the best outcome for yourselves.
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  19. Calpurnia99

    Calpurnia99 Star commenter

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  20. Calpurnia99

    Calpurnia99 Star commenter

    Just out of interest, how many have done this?
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