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Enhancing the writing area

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by geniegirl, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    The girls are in my class are always sat in my writing area either writing lists of words, colouring or doing pencil sheets (which they love!). A few of my boys occasionally sit themselves down when it is quiet and also write.
    It is always stocked with colourings, plain paper, coloured paper and writing frames. There is plenty of writing around them to give them ideas too.
    However, I really want to encourage a few more of my boys (football crazy, like being on the go) to write. We have tried to encourage writing outside but have struggled. What do you do to get your boys to write? I have a few very high ability boys but most of the evidence is adult initiated. What can I put in the writing area to encourage them to write? Any help/advice/ideas would be great...I was thinking of a football box full of football pencils and writing sheets, but not sure if this would work or not.
  2. Football shaped paper. Superheroes with speech bubbles, blank speech bubbles, car shaped books, rockets, etc I have themed boxes in different areas with pics of different superheroes on them and themed pens which encourages the boys to go to it. My boys love making maps and mazes which started through having pirate ships in small world.

    Outdoors we have larger sheets of paper often rolls of wallpaper, big chunky chalks.

    Have you got writing in all your areas? My boys love to write and draw in the construction area.
  3. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    My children love writing in ready made books which are always available. I read their stories, which they have written themselves or may be scribed by an adult, to the other children as a story. This gives them a value and a validity which encourages the others. This week we have had to move other provision and have had two writing tables per class in our Reception.
    Several children keep re-writing The Three Little Pigs which we did the first week back after the holidays. Some of them have written the same story four or five times but the spelling and the organisation gets better each time. Others have re-told a similar story as The Three Little Bears and The Three Little Chicks, or books on birds laying eggs which has been our theme this week. One boy, until now not interested in writing, has written a book called 'The Motorbike' with all his own ideas. He asked a TA to write the sentences for him to copy, we do not usually ask children to copy sentences but this is what her asked for so this is what we did, he is very proud of the book which is now displayed with the others on our writing tree in the corridor outside the classroom for everyone passing by to see.

    Last term we had a pirate ship with paper for writing messages and plastic bottles to put them in before throwing them in the 'sea'. Some children drew treasure maps with no words others wrote messages like 'help I am stuk on a iland', these are the children who have moved on to writing stories in the books.
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Twig pencils for outdoor writing and uv light pens for spies indoors
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  6. Thank you for all your ideas-I feel inspired now!
    Going to spend a few days making boxes!

    Our junk modelling and blocks area has writing
    opportunities, but my room only has duplo and
    a few small blocks-not sure how to encourage
    writing there?
  7. What sorts of things do the children make in this area? If it is castles you could have castle borders on paper, castle shaped books, castles which open up- what is inside. In construction they may want to make maps for trains and cars to travel along etc
    Do they make transformers? Have transformer themed paper etc
    Think about what they are likely to use and what will motivate them.
  8. Some of my boys were recently inspired by our dinosaur museum role play area - we had clipboards with 'charts' etc to record their finds; also treasure maps; and one lad decided to write a list of things - 'so you'll know how many we've got and if we've got enough' - when I put some long thin notebooks out. He spent ages counting things like pencils, cars, chairs etc.

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