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Enhancing provision in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by steerjr01, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. JRS_2508

    JRS_2508 New commenter

    Hi everyone

    I was just wondering how often you enhance areas of provision in your reception classrooms? We currently have a core story for 2 weeks and have to change the provision to match. We are supposed to enhance every area with a challenge, but I feel this is way too much!

    We currently enhance/change:
    Role play (inside and outside)
    Small world (inside and outside)
    Play dough
    Maths table
    Writing area
    Investigation area
    Creative area
    Water or sand

    As we are having to change activities or enhance areas we often just end up sticking laminated pictures up as a stimulus that no one uses.

    Also we have barely any resources to enhance with so nearly everything is just stuff from ******.

    And not to mention so many children struggle to learn in provision as they are below ARE!

    Any advice would be great!


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