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Enhancement Of ill Health Benefits

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by conar, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. conar

    conar New commenter

    I am new to this , so I really hope some-one can help me. my story is very old- I had been a teacher of deaf children for 8 years when I had to retire in 1998. I was diagnosed with a progressive, neurological condition that has left me completely incapacitated and unable to take any type of further employment. It is difficult to merely exist.
    At the time, although I was employed by an LEA, my immediate "boss" was the chief Educational Psychologist, as I was an Advisory Teacher, with county -wide responsibility -not based at one school. When I began to become ill, I told my immediate "boss" the Ed Psych. and he said I should resign from my job, and return when I felt better. I left my post, having resigned due to ill health.
    I heard nothing from the teachers pensions, and when I finally contacted them -in 1995-the lateness was due to terrible ill health/hospitalisation/ operations/death of both parents etc etc. and me adjusting to life in a wheelchair. -I was told nothing had been received regarding my ill health. I sent in a letter from a doctor -who did not even know me-as I did not understand what was required of me, and I was given, based on that one letter a lump sum of £2000 plus I receive a pension of £189 a months.
    I have contacted the TP who tell me I should put all this in writing and appeal.How do I do this?and on what grounds? I hadn't been teaching long and may be LEA were negligent, in not helping me at all-or my Ed. Physc. not have even told the LEA. as they didn't contact the Pensions about my ill health.This resulted in my payment not being backdated to when I was in pensionable employment and not started until my scant medical letter was received in 1995. I still do not understand that they accepted this one letter and did no other medical checks into my condition to see just how serious it was.
    I do not see how this will make any difference to what I receive,I hadn't been teaching long enough to build up any sort of pension.so i do not think I am eligible at all , but Teachers pensions said the fact that i have been unable to work at all all this time was relevant...
    Please -can any-one point me in the right direction for help? I have tried CAB-but they have told me it is too complicated for them. I find it hard to concentrate or assimilate information because of my condition.A starting point would be to know the rules of ill health benefits at that time. if any-one has any experience or any information over cases like mine-please do respond. I would be so grateful. i am finding this very hard on my own.
    Thank-you so very much
  2. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    This forum is for help with using the forums. I suggest you repost this on e.g. Workplace dilemmas and/or Personal where someone with some knowledge is more likely to see it.
    However as, I think, TES does not allow duplicate posts you will need to alter your post e.g. by adding an extra full stop in order to post it again.

    Best wishes
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  4. conar

    conar New commenter

    Dear Lizzie,
    How kind of you. Thank-you so much for the advice. I will do it now. Thank-you!
  5. conar

    conar New commenter

  6. conar

    conar New commenter

    Sorry! my message is still stuck here because I have not worked out how to move it to another forum. When I have it will disappear. I am not ignoring your kind advice.
  7. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    Cut and paste it?
    Change one thing so that it's not an exact duplicate though eg a comma
  8. conar

    conar New commenter

    Lizzie-I have forgotten how to do that-my memory has left me long ago. I will probably write it out again tomorrow on the right post. Thank-you for all your help.
  9. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    You seemed quite lucid when I saw you giving 'likes' to posters on the anti immigrant threads on Personal.
  10. conar

    conar New commenter

    Hi Lizzie-
    Well I am tired-it is late for me. For the record I am not anti immigrant-I am not anti anyone-I just agreed that there are people in need here who should be helped first. Goodnight

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