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Enhanced provision - Reception Class HELP! Dear James.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by upsadaisy, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    If it was me I would have KUW focus on pushes and pulls/forces with toys. (But I take it that your mentor has told you to do materials)

    Perhaps your mentor should be informed that being a mentor isn't about making the student play a guessing game about what lessons should be about. Personally when I mentor a student I have them email all their planning to me and then I annotate it where they can improve and change. I also give them the resources we would use for the topics, it's not a treasure hunt.

    Songs: Here we go round the mulberry bush?
  2. Dear upsadaisy,

    Yes, my mentor has told me that I have to do materials. I have lately been feeling that I am but a tiny dart and I am aiming at some constantly oscillating, minicsule bullseye. I am finding it beyond hard (I know that teaching IS hard) but I feel like I amjust gettign everythign wrong and that she'd rather have it done a certain way and I am never gettign it done right. Since my uni mentor has been in, I have recieved more help - but I know that she feels I am taking up too much of her time. I just feel awful and a burden. Oh well - only 2 weeks left! I think I would love you as a mentor!! Mine just say. 'when I was a student I did this' or 'You have the time it takes for me to mark ...8 books because I am going home then'.

    Here we go round the mulberry bush would be good! :)

    Thanks for all your help, I have been feeling so bad about this placement and was convinced it was becasue I was awful and not suited to teaching but since sharing on here and with friends I feel much better about the situation (though I am still trepidatious about going in tomorrow!).

    Thank you!
  3. For a start teaching isn't that hard, its a joy and it is an inspiration, hard as in doing anything well is hard, hard as in doing things out of the mould, thinking fresh and creating is hard, you have the dead weight of conformity to contend with. You have the craven mindset that can only focus on outcome and not on process. Your obvious openensss and abilty to reflect are proabably threatening to your mentor and the class teacher. Irt sounds as though she is unaware of the larning agenda but only of the teaching agenda.

    You are supposed to be lerning and asking the questions you are asking. That is wha you are there for. YOu also give to teaching the possibility of renewal, of reconsidering continuously the base of its suppositions. You do that as a teacher becuase youare in the stream of each new generation and no mater how tightly we plan objectives and success criteria and assessment profile ladders. they are largely irrelevant to th enew life tha is coming through us. They do not see it form above as we do. They see it from below. the moment you doubt and question, observe and listen you get to see it from the same place as they do and your teaching can become inspired and constanty renewed by what you you see.
    These are receptoion kids they do not need a 'sense of history' in the objective sense that their class teacher is trying to insist- only to reflect on their own experience and give voice to it. All the rest is artifical and abstract. Thier sense of time does not relate to anytihing before yesterday or even they were babies!. And nor does it need to. As the poster above pointed out it is their categories, the language you give to their nascient thoughts that is most important. There can be no right or wrong amswer to their sorting criteria. Your class teacher has it wrong. do not doubt yourself. You have toget through because children will need your open mind. Learn from this experience. Here you have reached our and drunk a cup of the communion wine which is aheady, liberating, warming, and dreamful spirit. Ata ny time in your career when that little voice says 'mmm i'm not sure about this' and you ask a sincenre question. Life will answer you, not maybe in the ways you would have thought, ornecessarily would recognise but it will answer.
    You have difficult task to survive there, as it sounds like it is a school and a class which have lost the learning plot and are so worried aout constantly teaching that they have lost sight of what is important. These are reception children; all the songs you suggest to sing with them are great - they willnot differentiate nor relate history to the nursery rhymes at all.
    This is mixing teaching objective's incorrectly to the age and stage of the children.
    PS- In addtion I wouldn't know how to do 'enhanced provision' what is that? I am an early years teacher and wouldn't have ever said I have 'done a session' of 'enhanced provision'. Provision is constantly enhanced. It is like saying you must 'do breathing'. The breath of life flows in and out unconsciously. In teaching, listening to children, observing their activity sifting your impressions in reflection, your unconscious will lead you to highlight a material or object, situation or person, you will focus on it, give it importance, bring in new ones, go off on a flight of imagination into story or think of a visit or a recipe or whatever. You are enhancing, you are living it with the children and they are learnig through all this interaction that their learnig is important to you and they will absorb the message deep into their souls. WHich can not be said for many of the hard-edged learning objectives that you are uncomfortable about frocing them to swallow.
    This treacher will serve to give you material for reflection and later you will be able to see the strengths of her approach and hopelfully you will see why and where she has decided to stop the open investigation into new life which teaching allows, and thus be able to avoid doing that yourself. Good luck.


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