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Enhance ordinary degree for GTP application

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by TWAND, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Due to having to adopt the role of primary carer to my Mother in my final year at Uni I did not complete my dissertation unit and was subsequently awarded an Ordinary degree (300 credits) in Fitness and Health. At the time this was not a big concern as I had to return to work and care for my Mum.
    Now some 13 years later I wish to apply for a GTP. i Have 8 years experience in the Army as a PTI prior to attending University and 10 Years experience as a Prison Officer after University.
    I currently work for a private dual role school and care home as a care assistant for young people with EBD. I will complete NVQ 3 in Children and Young Peoples settings in September.
    In additon for the last year I have been working regularly but on an ad hoc basis as a Cover Supervisor through an agency.
    All the GTP providers I approach are looking for candidates with at least 2 nd class honours degrees.
    I need to acrew another 60 credits preferably at Level 3 to achieve honours and in a subject linked to my desire to teach either Physical Education of Intergrated Sciences (My initial degree however does not have a 50% science content so PE may be my only choice)
    Time and finance is of the essence I am already 40 and would ideally like to commence a GTP by the time my little girl starts school herself next September. any help or advice out there?
    I have already contacted the OU but I would only be able to transfer 240 points not the 300 I have and would require another 120 at level three which would take two years part time.
    Any one had a similiar experience and found a way forward.
    Regards Tim
  2. Have you phoned the training providers to discuss entry requirements? They say they're looking for hons, but technically you are qualified to do the course without and your experience sounds phenomenal - I'd start ringing around to ask if they'd be willing to negotiate!


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