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Discussion in 'English' started by richardgent, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. We're reviewing EnglishEdu at the moment and would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve. We are also looking for people to help us develop teaching resources for English Language & Literature both at GCSE and A Level. If you would like further information, please get in touch.
    Kind regards, Richard
    [​IMG] richard@edusites.co.uk
  2. RaymondSoltysek

    RaymondSoltysek New commenter

    Might I make one suggestion, Richard? Good English teaching is good English teaching - does it need to be shackled to a particular curriculum? What works well with 15 year olds in Manchester under one curriculum will work just as well with 15 year olds in Glasgow under a totally different curriculum. I much prefer resources to be more open, perhaps with nothing more than a guide age level, so that teachers can make their own decisions about course applicability.
    Or perhaps that's just my Scottish annoyance at everything being badged "A level" and Key Stage X"!

  3. I quite agree and understand your predicament. A while back I had a telling off by a Scottish headteacher who disliked the fact that nearly all resources were a. tailored for the English curriculum and b. still marketed at Scots. He made a good point.
    I would like to offer support for the Scottish curriculum through EnglishEdu but am having trouble finding Scots to work with my team (for obvious reasons). ;)
    I'm not advocating one curriculum over another but people do tend to make choices partly on how things are wrapped i.e. AQA GCSE English or SQA HN / NQ, etc. They also like to know that the resource they're working with takes into consideration the nuances of the course they're delivering.
    Kind regards, Richard
    [​IMG] richard@edusites.co.uk
  4. RaymondSoltysek

    RaymondSoltysek New commenter

    Which is perhaps why Scottish teachers don't access excellent resources wrapped up in English curriculum terms, and therefore don't see much relevance in sites like yours - which is a great pity, given the great stuff available to them.
    I know it's not your fault, Richard! Good luck with the project! [​IMG]

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