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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by julieburman, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Hi Graham. My colleague is a 44 yr old HLTA and is trying to get into teaching. He has filled in the GTP application and has heard nothing from the Universities involved. I have telephoned them to ask why a reference request hasn't been sent and I just get answer machines and no reply. I want to help him but I have run out of ideas. Can you help/advise? Many thanks, Julie
  2. As your colleague is a HLTA and so has a lot of classroom experience, this should greatly strengthen his application. However, please bear in mind that the GTP is a competitive route into teaching. From the information you have given, your colleague seems to have applied through the online application on the TDA website. I would continue to try to contact the GTP providers to get feedback on his application. You could also use the search facility on the website to see if there are any other providers in the area to which he could make an individual application.
    Although he may feel that he would like an employment-based route into teaching, the GTP route is competitive, so he could also consider applying for the PGCE. He can search for PGCE courses via the graduate teacher training registry (GTTR) website. This would allow him to apply now for a September 2011 start. There are also flexible and part-time programmes which may suit his circumstances.
    I hope this has helped and I wish him success in his application.
    Graham Holley

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