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English working wall/display ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by teacher_1186, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. teacher_1186

    teacher_1186 New commenter


    Just looking for some inspiration for English/Literacy working walls/displays. I've had various VCOP displays over the years plus a working wall that was too complicated to maintain so looking for some nice ideas for display that are useful for the children. I'll be teaching in lower key stage 2.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

  3. TheLorax

    TheLorax New commenter


    For many years I found that I had VCOP displays that looked pretty up close but could only be used when you were close to them. This year I made a load of my own displays with huge lettering (around size 400 font). The children can see them from anywhere in the classroom and they will refer to them with any piece of writing that we do now. When we had parents evening last week, lots of the kids mentioned these displays as being the thing that helped them most this year, which I'm taking as a compliment on the displays rather than a comment on my teaching! They take a long time to make but they're well worth it.

    For a working wall I've stuck up (drilled up) a medium sized (about 2 foot by 1 foot) magnetic whiteboard. I can quickly write anything that I want to on it for the week without either having it look scrappy or taking time printing something, and I can easily stick up a piece of work using magnets.

    I hope these ideas help. I'll link a couple of my the resources below. I'm going to post and openers and an adjectives display in the next few weeks too. The rest you can find through my profile.


  4. teacher_1186

    teacher_1186 New commenter

    Thank you both.

    Languageisheartosay, I love your website, I look forward to having a good mooch asap. Those resources will be useful and I will be downloading when I've met my new class.

    TheLorax, what great ideas, thank you! I've realised that my working wall had become a bit like wallpaper, pretty but not used, so why didn't I think of making the words bigger?! Will be downloading lots of your resources, they're fab. Magnetic whiteboards are a fantatic idea too.

    Great ideas and just what I needed, thank you.


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