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English teachers, what will you do with your Year 10s and re-sitters with grade boundaries now?

Discussion in 'English' started by songsong, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. songsong

    songsong New commenter

    I posted this on another thread but I think it's an important question. Will you now work with this set of grade boundaries on the assumption they'll be the same or very similar in January and next June? And if so, will you try and improve the marks for your Sp and List and controlled assessments (i.e. be more generous) with your C/D borderliners? And, if so, is this going to raise the bar further and create more and more pressure on us and our C/D borderline students? This really hasn't been thought through has it?
  2. I agree that this is a massive problem. I guess we will be working to the new boundaries, but aiming to ensure that students are way into these boundaries this time.

    This will mean that the whole of year ten has been a complete waste of time for the vast majority of our students as they are a grade below where we thought they were and they will need to do new controlled assessment tasks.

    Ultimately, there has to be a ceiling as to how far exam boards can raise the bar next year, if they do. They'll still need to fit B, A and A* grades into mark schemes and ensure that there is a sufficient gap between each boundary to allow for tolerance levels.
  3. Expect results to fall again next year. The government won't think that the fall this year is enough to 'maintain' or 'improve' standards or whatever the current buzzword is. I'd be inclined to adjust this year's boundaries down a bit and work to a lower hypothetical figure. Afterall, if the boundaries rise again next year, you should have lots of safer C/Ds as a result or even more safer students if they don't change the boundaries.

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