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English teacher trained in Poland wants to teach English in UK

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by littlejim, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Hello to everyone,

    just want to say to all the people who have taken part in this discussion that putting yourself in somebody else's shoes is the best way to reflect on a problem.

    I totally agree with AgzAgz that teaching in primary schools needs strong language knowledge and performance. I'm talking about fluency, accent, intonation, collocations, the range of vocab etc. Being not a native speaker you all lack these qualities. I want to emphasize that in all primary schools you need to model the English language both formal and informal to children. THINK ABOUT IT???

    All foreigners coming to England should be more aware of adaptation and acculturation issues/ approaches.

    Be more respectful and polite it will take you much further!

    Best of luck!
  2. Hi guys,

    There's no point in slinging mud at each other. We have to admit that there are varying levels of English amongst us (non-natives) and native speakers of English and some of us are more suitable to work as teachers than others. I personally know a very successful Polish primary teacher in England who's been doing her job for several years now. When the school she was working at failed an Ofsted inspection (she was supporting smaller groups of kids with learning difficulties at the time), she was asked to replace one of the native speaking teachers, as everyone (including inspectors) felt she would do a better job at raising the pupils' attainment than the other teacher. I must emphasise that her English is phenomenal but, apart from being a fluent and articulate speaker of English, she is first and foremost a skilled educator.

    'I would not want my child to be taught English by a foreigner'

    I've worked in the UK as a specialist teacher for 7 years. Initially, my job involved supporting children with EAL, however, having qualified as a Teacher for the Hearing Impaired a few years ago, I became a peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf. Although, I'm a foreigner, I have never come across a family who would judge my competence purely on the grounds of my ethnic background. On the contrary, I've received a lot of positive feedback from the parents, which gives me the confidence I personally need to keep me going as I've always felt insecure due to the fact I'm a non-native working with native speakers.

    Teaching English in Poland is one thing whereas working as a primary/secondary school teacher in the UK is a whole new ball game. I would recommend gaining a lot of experience (voluntary work, working as a teaching assistant, becoming an EAL teacher etc.) before you jump in at the deep end. You don't want to drown right at the start of your journey.

    Good luck everyone!
  3. as above
  4. Dear AgzAgz

    Although you are right in a lot you say, I am afraid you sound as pompous as the ones you criticise. Your farcical "btw I am bilingual" makes me laugh, and the repetitive nature of "we" reminds me of cheap poetry.

    However, I have got to say that the last sentence is a gem "As a person who finished "anglistyke" you should". I have heard it before "skonczylem anglistyke". No, you`re not bilingual, you are EAL.

  5. Clearly struggling with technology ;-)
  6. Bilingualism doesn't imply equal fluency in both languages so I believe we can all call ourselves bilinguals.
  7. Valpreda- just to clarify- I am English. I lived in Poland first, my parents moved back to England 10 years ago. As a result I am a native speaker as we did not speak Polish at home and I was educated in the UK. Therefore I can say "we" as I refer to the English folk. I am not a teacher myself - I was looking for ways to help a polish friend of mine who is a teacher and looking for a job in the UK and this is how I ended up on this website.
  8. Patunia- I am an English national, read the above.
  9. AgzAgz - no offence but how come you are bilingual? Native speaker of English who did not speak Polish?

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