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English teacher trained in Poland wants to teach English in UK

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by littlejim, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Why not talk to the HOD of English (and the HOD who oversees EAL if different) in your current school about your desire to teach. They may be able give good advice about how to market yourself to local schools. They are also likely to be in contact with other schools and could put in a good word for you. If vacancies come up at your present school it also ensures your interest is known.
    Your post suggests that your preference is for teaching EAL, rather than English lang and lit to students whose first language is English. If this is not the case, could your current school provide the opportunity to observe and perhaps work with a teacher of English lit to broaden your experience base?
    Keep an eye on your council website for teaching vacancies being advertised and apply for the jobs you find attractive.
    Best of luck

  2. gina1706

    gina1706 New commenter

    aggie32, I come from Poland too. I graduated from University of Gdansk (KKNJO) with Bachelor of Art degree. I'd like to start teaching here in Liverpool but I have so many problems with finding the job. Every single agency ask me for 6 months experience (here in UK). I don't have it because I'm here since one month:) Now they told me to start working as a Supply Teacher for 80GBP per day. It's confusing because I've got 7years exp. working as a teacher in Poland and this what they offer me is strange. They even don't know if I will have full week job or just booking day by day.
    Could somebody tell me how to get QTS ( I mean all the steps to go through)? and how to get a job not via agencies?

  3. Hi! Just to give you guys some of the answers I have a quote (sorry that not everyone will be able to understand it but that's the only thing that I found)
    Czesc! Wole pisac po polsku zeby nikt sie nie oburzyl. Trudno jest znalezc stala prace jako nauczyciel jezeli nie skonczylo sie tutaj studiow. Niedawno moja kolezanka, ktora posiada takie same kwalifikacje jak wy i ja zapytala wprost agencji dlaczego nie moga jej znalezc pracy na dluzszy okres czasu skoro tyle pozycji oglaszaja- po nacisku przyznali, ze glownym problemem jest fakt iz nie pochodzi z tego kraju i nie posiada studiow tutaj ukonczonych.......oczywiscie nie nalezy sie zalamywac i wychodzic swoje tu i tam- z wlasnego doswiadczenia wiem, ze w koncu sie udaje, ale niestety trzeba na to czasu. Oczywiscie mozna pracowac jako asystent lub nauczyciel dla obcokrajowcow w miedzy czasie, ale nie do konca jest to oplacalne bo pozniej mowia, ze nie masz doswiadczenia jako zwykly nauczyciel i kolo sie zamyka. gina znajdz jakas lepsza agencje w swoim rejonie bo 80 to zazwyczaj placa asystenta nie nauczyciela- od czegos trzeba zaczac wiec zycze powodzenia.Nalezy pamietac, ze doswiadczenie nabyte w naszym kraju nie jest zazwyczaj brane pod uwage bo ludzie w tym kraju zaslaniaja sie, ze my nie znamy ich curriculum i nie umiemy planowac zajec (sic) wiec dzwoniac gdziekolwiek zawsze podkreslaj, ze jestes z tym zaznajomiona lub skorzystaj z kursu, ktory na papierze dowodzi, ze ta znajomosc posiadasz.
    To obtain the QTS type General Teaching Council in google and get all the information you need or type forum nauczycieli w anglii gazeta.pl

  4. Czesc
    Ja rowniez mam podobne doswiadczenia. Przyjechalam tu zaraz po studiach,z tylulem magistra i uprawnieniami pedagogicznymi, ale nikt nie chcial zaoferowac mi stazu w szkole. Zaczelam wiec od kursu "Return to Teaching" (zorganizowany przez TTA, teraz chyba TDA) i od pol rocznej pracy jako LSA w szkole podstawowej. Dopiero z tym doswiadczeniem dostalam prace w szkole sredniej, w ktorej ucze 5-ty rok. Kurs RTT daje duzo w sensie teorii, lecz rowniez czesc tego kursu stanowi praktyka w wybranej przez Ciebie szkole. Trzeba pamiatac, ze zadna szkole nie zatrudni bez QTS.

  5. Hi,
    In terms of doing supply work it might be helpfulto sign on with as many agencies as possible. I did supply last academic year. I signed on with as many agencies as possible in my area. They all came across as fairly similar but some were much, much better at finding me work and one very good at finding me longer term work. This has resulted in my getting a permanent position having gained a lot of useful experience in different methods of teaching certain subjects.
    I would suggest looking on the BBC education website to work out which are the 'better' schools in your area. You can go into the agencies and ask them whether they deal with those schools. Also ask the agency about the longer placements.
    Alternatively, you could contact the schools directly.
    Another route to look into is the OTT (overseas trained teacher) route. It means doing a year where you will be shown the current teaching methods for UK schools and gives you a qualification recognised by British schools and UK QTS. You must remember, British schools only understand British teaching qualifications - make it easy for them to employ you.
    As additional information look on (you probably know of it anyway) Teachers TV. There is good information there.
    Best of luck.

  6. Hi :)

    I'm also a teacher of English (as a foreign language) from Poland. I hold a BEd degree and would like to start teaching in UK. At the moment I'm waiting for my QTS. Once I receive it I would like to start looking for a job. I came to UK 3.5 yrs ago and have been working as a bank clerk. I'm dreaming about teaching as an early years teacher since I love children. I know teachers from Poland usually have problems with finding schools that would like to employ them as qualified teachers. Usually the end up as teaching assistnts ot supply teachers through agencies. I don't want to go this way. I'm thinking - what to do to make myself more attractive in the eyes of local schools??? Currently I'm on maternity leave and I thought it would be a good idea to start voluntary work as a teaching assistant to make myself familiar with English Curriculum and school life in general. I think it would make my CV look better. Also I'm thinking of starting a course. But I don't know what course would come in handy. I can't study full time or even part time would be hard for me. I thought of maybe open college? I need to get a certificate or sth re Early Years as I don't have any practice in it whatsoever. Could anyone help me and maybe suggest what courses I could do? I looked at such course: http://www.homelearningcollege.com/Courses/Child-Care/Supporting-Teaching-And-Learning-In-Schools/ but i think it's rather for TA's. Also, are there any courses that would help me familirise myself with National Curriculum? Thank you in advance for all your help :)
  7. Your English is superior to most Polish people who come to england to teach English but it is still obvious that it is a secondary language to you. I would advise working on a volunteer basis as most schools are privately owned and teaching English in the UK is considered a racket.

    Many good English teachers are out of work because of the influx of Eastern European migrants accepting vastly lower salaries. This, and not your ability is what makes you attractive.
  8. aggie...Your grammar is poor and while it may suffice for teaching English in Poland, you demonstrate quite clearly why you should not be teaching my language in the UK. Drop your salary expectations and consider the amount of teachers who are native speakers that are currently unemployed.

    Most countries around the world ask that their teachers be native speakers as a prerequisite. You letter shows the reasons why!
  9. Your lack of conjunctions is pretty dreadful. Your letter is filled with such short sentences that it makes for tiresome reading. You have started two sentences with 'but' and 'also' which is now considered acceptable but I wonder if you could explain to students why, at one time it was not.
  10. Hi!

    I am from Poland as well. I hold M.A. degree in teaching English ( as foreign language) and I am considering moving to the UK. I haven't started the QTS procedure yet but I am going to do it soon. In Poland I worked mostly with students aged 13-19 but recent political events made me and other teachers from my school redundant. I love teaching and I would be extremely happy if I could do it in the UK. However, I do not want to teach English. Literature is not my thing, besides English is and will always be a foreign/second language for me. I guess I would feel as a cheat if I tought English to teenage native speakers. Nevertheless, I am thinking of teaching in primary school (key stage 1&2). Is it realistic to get the position of primary school teacher with my qualifications? I've also started learning Spanish some time ago and I think I could specialise in MFL after some time.
  11. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    I think your chances of getting a teaching job in a primary school in the UK will be very low to nil. There are many UK trained, native speakers who are applying for jobs. There are more applicants than available jobs. Most of the applicants will have degrees which are relevant to teaching in primary.Don't assume that life or jobs are easier here we are also going through a recession and school budgets are very tight.
  12. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    My advice would be to spread your wings a bit. (Why would anyone in their right mind want to teach in the UK anyway? Has no one heard of Council Tax?) I see no reason why you should not apply for teaching jobs in the Middle East. There are lots of reasons why this would be a much better idea than trying to get a teaching job in the UK. As Wotton has quite rightly pointed out, there are plenty of unemployed teachers in the UK at the moment and English is their first language.

    Here in Doha, I know a Czech teaching couple who have done very well for themselves. They have managed to save a lot of money (something the OP might find rather hard in the UK). Another advantage is that in countries like Qatar it does not rain all the time and your school usually provides you with somewhere to live. I do not think that the OP will find these advantages in the UK!

    87Jane, why are you learning Spanish? Don't you know that the Spanish economy is in a big mess at the moment?
  13. hippo, can't you read? she said she'd like to become an MFL teacher
  14. Thick sarcasm must be in your blood, right?? It`s just an open forum - there`s no need to be impolite.
  15. No, actually she did not (start two sentences with `but `and `also`). BTW, in a primary school there`s usually no need to explain etymological aspects of the language and as far as I remember we`re talking here about primary teaching.
  16. Dear joinme, you clearly know very little about the correct use of punctuation (especially commas); yet you seem to be under the impression that you are somehow inherently qualified - purely on the basis of your national origin, which is unquestionably beyond one's control - to dismiss one's suitability for a job based on your narrow-minded perception of the world and an acute lack of knowledge about EU and overseas qualifications. Your rude and patronising remarks about some of the post here bring disrepute to the famous British politeness. Lastly, you are clearly a megalomaniac - since when has English become YOUR language?
  17. Oh, just to clarify some points to joinme:

    1. One does not write letters in online forums; one writes posts.

    2. 'Teachers' is a countable noun; therefore, the use of the noun 'amount' to qualify it is incorrect (at least in line with the prescriptive approach which joinme seems to be favouring.) The 'correct' form should be 'the number of teachers' (is joinme, however, familiar with the vast and exciting field of linguistic research called Language Variation and Change?...)

    3. There is no such thing as 'secondary language' in linguistic terminology. I believe the term joinme was looking for is 'second language' or L2. Oh dear.

    4. "Most schools are privately owned" - does 10% constitute a majority? I do hope joinme does not think they're qualified to teach maths or statistics...

    Rant over.
  18. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, perhaps someone ought to mention that this website is really for teachers from the UK wanting to teach overseas, rather than for foreign teachers who want to teach in the UK. I am not trying to be unhelpful or rude.

    Earlier I mentioned one or two nasty things that Polish teachers might not appreciate in the UK, such as the absurdly high cost of accommodation and Council Tax.
  19. You can't get teaching experience if you work as a TA, it does help a bit to get an insight into the British curriculum though.

    The best thing to do is to register with some agencies for supply teaching. It will be hard in the first months but you will get lots of experience in regards of behaviour management and curriculum. This will increase your chances of getting long term assignments in future.

    It's not impossible, believe me! I was in the same situation as you but I haven't given up! I've been doing supply for over a year now and I feel so much confident!
  20. Hi Juszkka

    I find you quite rude to be honest.

    You come across as one of the people I once despised.

    Joinme is a native speaker, therefore you ARE NOT in the position to aim any kind of linguistic criticism at her/him (not them).

    I was born in Poland and studied English Literature there, then I moved to the UK 10 years ago. (BTW I am bilingual). I have since qualified as a solicitor (lawyer).

    What you learn in Poland is very far removed from the live, everyday language we use here and it is people like you who give a bad name to the other foreign teachers (yes, that form of expression is totally acceptable).

    3. You made a mistake , you used the wrong tense e.g. "the term joinme was looking for WAS (not is)"

    4. We would not use "they're" form we would have had used "they are" or more commonly - "he/she is" expression which is preferable.

    I would not want my child to be taught English by a foreigner- sorry. I would not mind a foreign teacher teaching my child in the Secondary School, but not in the Primary School. This does not matter to me when it comes to Teaching Assistants.

    What annoys me is that self-entitlement "I have a Masters degree blah blah"- sorry this means nothing in the UK, you need to re-train. I have seen many Polish lecturers who struggle to speak English at an appropriate level and they all have the Masters degree you all keep writing about. As a person who finished "anglistyke" you should know you will never reach the level of a native speaker.

    Rant Over

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