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English resources for Bugsy Malone Yr8

Discussion in 'English' started by basics100, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. HI all
    I'm teaching Bugsy Malone to year 8 (English not drama - although i will be doing some drama with them) and was wondering if anyone has taught it before and if so do they have any resources SOW or ideas that i could have? i can't seem to find much out there apart from how to put it on as a school production.
    Anything will be much and greatly appreciated - and happy to do swapsies for something else!

  2. Surely - some kind person out there has something to share. I will reciprocate!!
  3. Hi, I'm teaching it to Year 7 and completely agree. I have a few resources and ideas I'm happy to send you. Initially, I started with a research task about prohibition and asked students to use what they had found to produce a leaflet for a Year 6 pupil in Primary school. At this point, I recapped conventions of leaflet making and persuasive writing. Can now see where I should've done this better, but hindsight's a wonderful thing, no? Anyway, we're now moving on to beginning to read the play and I have assigned roles based on their reading ages, but said it may change at a later date. I have a few ideas to do with character that I will send to you if you give me an email address to send them to. Would also be grateful if you have anything to swap? nyreebons@gmail.com
  4. Thanks Applechic, was beginning to think that no one else was teaching it. I have just emailed you and attached everything i've done so far. anything you can send me would be great.

    If anybody has anything else to share with Applechic and myself, i'm sure we'd be happy to share what we have.

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